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Help Your Teen Get A Summer Job

June 16th 2015 by
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The youth labor force (ages 16-24) has grown slightly over the last year.  Teens typically begin to look for and start jobs between the months of April and July each year.

Teens are often unable to get into an employers network and need the help of their parents.  Teach your teen that many options are available to them and use your advantages to assist them in their search.

Tips for Getting Your Teen Started

  • Show your teen the online sources that are available that can include job listings in your town.
  • Reach out to your friends and coworkers that may know of open positions or may have jobs of their own that needed to be done.  You can also post your child’s availability and skills on your social networking pages to spread the word and show their interest.
  • Have your child speak with their school guidance counselor and be aware of seasonal jobs such as landscaping and being a lifeguard.

While you want to make yourself available to your teen if you will be providing transportation, talk to them about your schedule and availability, along with how far you willing to travel.

Preparing for the Interview Process

Be sure to encourage professionalism when preparing your teen for the job search.  While many may feel that a resume is not required for their first job, preparing a résumé will show the effort the teen is putting into their search and will give the employers insight as to who they are hiring. Be sure to review their applications before they are submitted to check for typos or misinformation.

Prepare the teen for potential interviews, especially if one has already been scheduled.  Teach them how to communicate clearly and the importance of looking presentable.  Practice and do role playing to prepare them for the questions that may be asked.  Be sure to remind them of maintaining eye contact, having a firm handshake, and having confidence.

Get your teen started today and help them start making money!

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