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Hosting Holiday Dinners on a Budget

December 15th 2015 by
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Going into the home stretch of the holiday season, your wallet is probably feeling a little stretched. Even if you’ve finished holiday shopping, there probably will be more expenses coming in the way of food and holiday gatherings.

Stay on budget with these tips for a festive and frugal holiday party.

1. Go Simple, Think Presentation

You don’t have to get fancy appetizers and drinks to make the party special. Instead, focus on presentation. For example, you can use small votive candle holders as individual serving cups for veggies. You can also break out the tablecloth for a more elegant look.

2. Save on Food

A catered menu may be convenient, but it’s definitely not cost-effective. You have options, though:

  • Make it a potluck. This will ensure you have plenty of food, and people can sign up to bring what they’re comfortable with.
  • Host brunch, dessert or a cocktail party. It will be much cheaper than dinner.
  • Have a theme. Instead of making sure every classic dish is there to please everyone, have a themed meal instead.

Remember, homemade food will always be cheaper, so it’s worth the effort.

3. Use Real Plates and Silverware

You know that fancy dining set you got a long time ago? Why not use it now?

Instead of buying paper products, which are an added expense and create unnecessary waste, use the real deal. You’ll have extra washing to do, but it looks better (yes, even if it doesn’t all match).

4. Spice Up Cheap Objects for Decorations

You want the place to look festive, but you don’t want to shell out much to do so. If that sounds like your dilemma, you can try:

  • Gathering all your candles together and lighting them around the house. Candles create a warm atmosphere, and they don’t all need to match.
  • Placing Christmas tree ornaments in bowls. The right combo can look neat.
  • Using paint or markers to create Styrofoam snowmen.
  • Collecting pine cones and branches and sprucing them up with some ribbon.

5. Utilize Online Invitations

As far as getting the word out, you don’t even need to run to the post office. Simply send out an email invitation, or create a Facebook event if you’re friends with everyone on that network.

Keep your stress lower this season by reducing your holiday spend while still throwing a fabulous party.

Want to be better prepared for next year? Ask us about our Holiday Club Accounts. You can save money all year and get access to your savings when the holidays arrive.

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