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The Smart Suitcase is Revolutionizing Travelling

October 12th 2016 by
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Every so often you’ll come across something cool that can help streamline a busy life. Time is money, so chances are you’ll take what you can get, right? Like this gem for travelers: a smart suitcase.

If you are frustrated by common travelling issues or like to keep up with the latest gadgets, the smart suitcase is for you.  Yes, you read that correctly, this suitcase is part-gadget.

How the Smart Suitcase Works

In a nutshell, it’s a lightweight suitcase that holds your belongings like a traditional suitcase, but also weighs itself, charges your phone, tracks your location and notifies you when it arrives on the baggage carousel. Travel bags with these features are springing up amid the $40 billion luggage industry to provide solutions to the shared travel problems of many people.

After purchasing the suitcase, it can be synced with an app on your phone in which you can then weigh the bag through sensors in the handle, track it’s location by use of GPS and receive push notifications when the bag arrives at the baggage claim.

The suitcases are available in a 22-inch carry-on size for $295 and a 28-inch check in size for $395.  They are being sold together as a set for $595 with seven colors to choose from.  The features of the bag include:

  • Lightweight for easier maneuverability  (13 lbs)
  • Made with polycarbonate shell to make it durable enough to withstand any turbulence
  • Four double-spinning wheels
  • Waterproof zipper lining
  • Built in TSA-approved lock
  • 2 USB ports
  • Bluetooth

There are a few other bags in the industry including Bluesmart, Away and Samsonite that have either debuted already or you’ll see soon.

New technology is making it’s way into more and more parts of our lives.  See how the smart suitcase can add ease and convenience to your life!

Has there been an item you found that’s made your life easier and/or helped you save money? Tell us about it in the comments!

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