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10 Reasons You Should Use Online Banking

March 17th 2015 by
1 comment

More and more people are enjoying the convenience of online banking rather than going to a branch. If you haven’t started banking online, it’s probably because you need some compelling reasons to do so.

Here are ten reasons to make the switch.

1. Your Information is More Secure

Keeping printed receipts or statements puts you at risk. It doesn’t take a sophisticated identity thief to use information on these papers to access your accounts. Online financial institutions have encryption programs that make it incredibly difficult for hackers to access your information.

2. Online Financial Institutions Offer Higher Interest Rates

Financial institutions focusing on digital services will often have much higher interest rates on savings accounts and similar products.

3. …and Reduced Fees

Similar to the above point, you’ll also find overdraft fees and other charges tend to be much less.

Note: credit unions are also known for higher interest rates on your deposit accounts, reduced fees and reduced interest rates on loans. This means digitally-focused credit unions like Aspire often have the best benefits!

4. No Lines

Tired of driving to a branch only to wait in line? There are no lines online!

5. Less Paper Clutter

Not only are printed materials more risky, they take up more space in your home. Get rid of the shoe boxes and file folders by banking digitally. You’ll have an option to sign up for eDocuments and be able to get things like statements, account notices and tax forms electronically.

6. Easily Review Activity

If you like to keep close tabs on your spending, or you’re concerned about misuse of your account, you can easily view activity when you log in online.

7. Bill Pay

You can schedule all your bills easily within your online banking account. This can save a lot of time since you won’t need to write out checks or log into each service you need to pay. Automated and expedited payments are also an option.

8. Instant Transfers

Need to move money from your savings to your checking? You can do that in a few clicks within online banking.

9. Environmentally Friendly

On top of being more secure and helping you keep things clean, less paper is also better for the environment.

10. 24/7 Access

Being able to check your account activity, make transfers, pay bills and more is great. What’s even better is you can do these things whenever you need to.

And if you factor in mobile apps that allow you to make deposits, you won’t ever need to visit a branch. Even the most convenient banks aren’t open 24/7.

 Why do you love online banking? Let us know in the comments.

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