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10 Ways You Can Make Extra Money

June 8th 2017 by

Even if you have a regular job, sometimes you need extra cash. You might need to pay off debt, save for something special, or cover an upcoming bill.

With a little effort, you can be more comfortable financially and stay out of debt.

1. Try a Temp Job

Temp agencies look to place qualified workers with companies seeking short-term help. These jobs tend to pay well, plus there may be potential for full-time work if you’re seeking it.

2. Sell Your Stuff

Whether it’s clothes, toys, electronics or appliances, you can sell any unneeded items through multiple channels.

If you want to be traditional, host a garage sale or rent out a space at the local flea market. If you’d rather do it from your computer desk, take your selling efforts online. You can post anything on Craigslist or eBay, while sites like Amazon and Gazelle will take your used electronics or cell phones.

3. Offer Pet-Sitting or Babysitting Services

You can let friends and family know you’re open for pet-sitting or babysitting services, or even put up a flyer in your neighborhood.

Pretty sure you won’t get much business through these methods? Sites like Care.com and SitterCity can help you get the word out.

4. Sign Up for Medical Studies

If you’re comfortable with it, you can participate in medical studies at local universities or other organizations. These studies often test new drugs and compensate you for your time.

To find one near you, contact local university hospitals or check out the National Institutes of Health website.

5. Do Tasks for Others

You don’t need a business to get paid for things like landscaping, doing laundry, cleaning, etc. You can advertise these services or check out a site like TaskRabbit to find work near you.

6. Sell Photos

Stock image sites have a need for photos of everyday objects. You don’t even need to be a master photographer to submit your pictures to these sites. iStock is a good one to check out and get started.

7. Work from Your Computer

The digital age has brought about plenty of jobs you can do from home. If you have advanced skills, you can be a virtual assistant, blog writer or software developer.

If you’re looking for quick, easy work, you’ll also be able to find data entry and survey sites where you can earn cash.

8. Get a Seasonal Job

With warmer weather coming up, look for work at amusement parks or swimming pools. You’ll be able to find flexible hours in a fun environment.

If you need cash during the winter holiday season, many retail stores offer seasonal positions with flexible hours.

9. Rent Out Your Car

Don’t use your car much? You can actually rent it out. Just be sure to check how insurance will work for you to avoid being liable for possibly expensive car repairs.

10. Participate in Market Research

Companies will pay to hear you opinion! FindFocusGroups is a site where you can search for companies looking to pay for you to participate in market research.

Once you start accumulating more cash, don’t forget to keep your spending money somewhere that will benefit you, such as a free rewards checking account.

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