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5 Reasons You Need a Checking Account

January 19th 2017 by
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Where should you store your money? You have  different options for how you manage your money, and some may feel they’re better off with just a savings account. But checking accounts, especially free checking accounts, bring more benefits than just a place to keep your money.

Your Funds are More Accessible

Savings accounts typically limit the number of transactions you can do per month. If you are able to go over that limit, you’ll pay a fee. Free checking accounts allow you to have unlimited access to your money.

Savings accounts also don’t have the convenience of Debit Cards, which means it’s also harder to physically get your money.

You Can Easily Deposit Checks

Whether it’s from a family member or your employer, you’re probably getting checks throughout the year. If you don’t have a checking account, it’s more difficult to cash that check. Check cashing services come with fees, which reduces whatever profit you were gaining.

Paying Bills is More Convenient

Many free checking accounts connect to online banking with Bill Pay services. You’re able to schedule all your bills in one place – no memorizing multiple logins or dates. Even if you don’t use the online option, having a checking account will enable you to send checks to pay your bills. The alternative is sending money orders, which you’ll have to pay for.

Manage Your Budget

In order to determine how much you can save and what you’re able to spend, you need to build a budget. The easiest way to build a budget is to monitor your transactions for a month. Sure, you can write everything down on paper the old-fashioned way. But a checking account will automatically record your transactions so you can easily keep track of your personal finances.

Provide Proof of Payment

Mistakes happen, and sometimes you need to provide proof of payment to a person or business. A checking account makes an easy paper trail with cancelled checks and transaction records. If you pay with cash or money order, it can be more difficult to make your case.

Get Your Free Rewards Checking Account

A good checking account isn’t just free, it rewards you. Don’t pay a monthly maintenance fee just to manage your money. Check out Aspire’s ePower Plus Checking – you can easily switch your primary checking through ClickSWITCH!

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