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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Finances

March 24th 2015 by
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It’s finally spring! We got another round of snow here in the Northeast last week, but everyone has high hopes that will be the last of it.

The warmer weather inspires many people to begin spring cleaning. While giving your home a through cleaning is an excellent idea, don’t forget to add your finances to the list.

1. Make a Commitment to Get Rid of Holiday Bills

Are you still paying off holiday gifts? If so, it’s time to tighten up your spending or find ways to earn extra money. Make an effort to save money in small ways, like packing a lunch instead of buying every day.

Remember that spring tends to be lighter on the utility budget as well. If you’re spending below your estimated average, take the difference and allocate it to your bills.

Finally, if you have revolving balances, look into transferring to a card with a lower rate and a 0% APR promotional period.

2. Review Your Budget

Are you on track with your goals? Take a look at your budget to see if you’re where you should be. You may need to make adjustments if you’re way off your estimate.

Take the time to review your spending activity and determine if you’ve had a typical quarter or reason to spend more or less than usual.

3. Get Organized Online

You’ll find it’s much easier to monitor and manage your finances when you utilize online banking services. You can use Bill Pay to cover all your bills from one place, set up automatic transfers and sign up for eDocuments to keep everything important in one place.

4. Reduce Clutter

Taking your finances online will also help reduce clutter. Once you’re set online, scan important paper documents and save a copy to your computer and a cloud-based storage service like Google Drive. Once they’re digital, shred them and enjoy the extra closet space.

5. Do Some Comparison Shopping

You can save money by reducing monthly bills. Is your phone contract almost up? Look at other providers. Get car insurance quotes. Research every recurring bill for possibilities.

You can also talk to Aspire’s Loan Experts about refinancing your auto loan to save even more money each month.


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