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5 Tips To Get the Most from Your Free Checking Account

February 7th 2017 by
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First things first: you do have a free checking account, right?

You should even have a free rewards checking account.

But even if you have a free checking account, you might not be utilizing all the features and benefits to save the most money.

Money Management

Online banking makes it easy to monitor transactions so you can see where your money is going and budget accordingly. And mobile banking allows you to check while you’re out and about. The Quick Balance feature on the Aspire Mobile App can be set up so you can see your balance and recent transactions with a swipe of your finger – you don’t even need to log in!

Add-On Services

Many digital banking platforms offer additional services that may be able to help you cut costs elsewhere. For example, Popmoney can be used to send or receive money. If you need to split a restaurant tab or give money to the babysitter, Popmoney is perfect. And you can select discounts with retailers and restaurants through Purchase Rewards. You just need to use your Debit Card for these rewards to be activated.

Overdraft Options

Overdraft fees can add up, and it’s best not to opt in for traditional overdraft protection. Instead, have your Savings or FlexLine linked up to act as your overdraft protection.


Digital statements free up space and require less time to manage and organize. Time is money! eStatements are also free, which is another reason why it’s the better option.


You can set alerts for when you have a low balance or when a large transaction hits your account. These alerts can even be set up as push notifications through mobile banking. By having these alerts in place, you’ll be able to detect any suspicious activity quickly and get it resolved.

Looking for a Free Checking Account?

Check out our ePower Plus Checking Account!

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