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The Best Graduation Gifts Of 2016

May 12th 2016 by
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Best Graduation GiftsIf there is a graduate in your life and you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift to celebrate their achievements in 2016, there are some inexpensive gift ideas you may want to consider.


If you know of subscriptions that the graduate would enjoy and benefit from, there are some inexpensive subscriptions you may want to look into. Some popular subscriptions include: Netflix ($8 a month), Amazon Prime ($100 a year for two-day shipping on purchases and free streaming for some movies, TV and music) and Wired magazine ($20 per year or $30 for two years).

You can also offer to pay for a transit pass or roadside assistance program.


If the graduate enjoys the newest technology, you may want to consider headphones for reasonable prices. If you want good sound without leaving a dent in your pocket, JVC HA-S400 Carbon Nanotubes headphones go for $25, or the lightweight Panasonic RP-HTX7 that you find for at least $38. Another good idea is portable speakers such as the hockey-puck shaped Logitech X100 Bluetooth speakers that can connect to any phone or tablet and are available for around $20.

Fun House Gifts

Electric tea kettles that quickly boil water, a handheld vacuum or microwave popcorn cooker may be convenient gifts for the graduate, especially if they are moving into a dorm room.


If none of these ideas are appealing or are still too pricey, you may want to consider making kits or offering your time and services. You can supply a college-bound high school graduate with home or kitchen supplies including pots, pans, brooms, brushes and dish towels. Another idea is to put together a toolbox or a do-it-yourself food kit for muffins, cookies and banana bread. Or, you could offer cooking lessons, budgeting help, assistance with moving or writing a résumé.

Give the graduate in your life a gift that is sure to have an impact on their lives. Shop around and find the best prices available!

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