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Credit Cards Can Be Rewarding

August 12th 2014 by
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Credit cards are often associated with debt. CreditCards.com reports that the average American household with at least one credit card carries nearly $15,950 in credit card debt.

Credit cards don’t have to be a negative part of your life, though. Used responsibly, they can be beneficial and some offer many perks.

Credit Card Rewards

You’re probably aware of the concept of credit card rewards. You earn points for your purchases and can redeem these points. The rewards aren’t little either; you can use points for: travel, television, 3D Blu-ray players, kitchen appliances, movie tickets and so much more.

The World Rewards card at Aspire is especially appealing. You get 25,000 points for spending $5000 in the first month – this includes balance transfers! 25,000 points is enough for a plane ticket. Plus, you pay 0% APR on balance transfers for the first six months.

The trick to enjoying these rewards is how you manage your balance. If you’re paying your balance off every month, you won’t have to worry about accumulating debt and interest. You should also aim to spend less than half of your available credit. Using your card this way will give you another benefit – it will help your credit score.

Magic Minute for Rewards Card Holders

Besides the normal rewards that come with the card, other opportunities may arise. For example, a sweepstakes running now called Credit Union Magic Minute.

Rewards cardholders have a chance to win an all-expense paid trip for two to Chicago. Why Chicago? It’s home to the CURewards warehouse, and participants will have a 60-second shopping spree to grab as much stuff as they can there. The trip is all-inclusive, so airfare, hotel and meals are all covered for two nights.

If you already have the card, you can register here and use your card at least three times in a week to gain an entry. Do this every week and you’ll have multiple entries! Magic Minute runs until October 26, 2014.

Signing Up For a Credit Card

Even if you don’t have a Rewards card, responsibly using a normal credit card can still help you. You’re able to establish credit and it’s a good back-up. You can apply for a credit card (Rewards or Platinum) with Aspire FCU here.

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