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Don’t Let the Summer Drain Your Wallet

July 7th 2015 by
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Summer can bring a lot of extra expenses.  There are simple and easy things you can do that will help you save your money for these larger expenses.

Work with your air conditioning

The first (and possibly largest secret to saving money) is to turn your air conditioning off or thermostat up when you are not home.  If no one is going to be in your house all day, there is no reason to leave the air conditioner running as usual when you could simply open your windows to keep the house ventilated until you return home.

Programmable thermostats make managing your home’s climate much easier, plus can save the average family $180 a year.

Practice energy efficiency

Check and replace the filters in your air conditioner to ensure that your system will run smoothly throughout the rest of the season.

Make sure you are also unplugging any appliances that are not in regular use to ensure that you are not wasting electricity.

Be attentive to your water

Be sure to turn down the temperature on your hot water heater during the summer months.  While turning up the temperature during the winter is expected, don’t forget to lower the temperature when the weather gets warmer and there isn’t a need to escape to a steamy shower everyday.

Use you oven wisely

In order to keep you and your house cool, limit the time you use your oven.  If there is a need for you to cook (especially larger amounts of food), do your baking in the morning when the sun isn’t as hot.  The later in the day you cook, the warmer your house will be from the heat of the oven in combination with the rising sun.

Start a garden

Instead of buying vegetables every week, spend some money on a few of your own plants in order to grow your own vegetables.  You will then have a garden of vegetables to yourself and can cut down on the amount of time spent at the grocery store or market.  You will be saving money on the gas it takes to get there when not on a usual grocery trip.

Outdoor fun

If you are looking for ways to have some inexpensive fun, check websites for the places your are visiting to check for coupons, offers, and specials.  You can also check event schedules for your neighboring towns to check for free activities and discounts.

Wake up early and spend the day hiking or visiting the beach.  Make a day out of it and cut the need for a hotel.  Leaving early and staying later will make your trip feel longer, getting rid of the need to stay over night.  Pack your own lunches, gather friends and family, and take a trip!

Saving your money this summer can be easy and fun.  Make a checklist for things to change around the house and find inexpensive ways to get out of the house.

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