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Have More Money Without Changing Your Lifestyle

September 1st 2011 by
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Short of winning the lottery or landing a Wall Street-sized bonus, can you end up with more money every month (to save or to spend) without giving up the small luxuries that make life so much more enjoyable? Sure you can! It’ll take some time and effort, but there’s money to be found if you look for it.

Shop around for services. Anything you use on a regular basis, pay for monthly, or even products/services that have more than one option to choose from – be sure to shop around. Things like home insurance, auto insurance, gym memberships, internet, cable, and cell phone bills all offer different rates, so make sure you research until you find the best deal.

Look at what you’re using and what you’re not using. If you have a monthly gym membership but only go twice a month, would you be better off paying an entrance fee? Find out what options exist. The same goes for cable, unlimited talk cell phones, internet access, and anything you can be paying for but not using much.

When it really doesn’t matter, go generic. Staples, such as sugar, flour, rice, and even poultry may be just as good when you buy the store brand. Find out by taste-testing. Once you’ve decided which brands to bypass, keep a little envelope in your wallet where you can stash the amount you saved during each shopping trip.

Shop Savvy. If you enjoy shopping, you can get the same thrill shopping a flea market or yard sale as you would the mall. Enjoy online shopping? Try Craig’s List! You’ll save money and have more fun.

Trade lower value for higher value. If you’re paying more for a home, car, clothes, or anything that’s not making you happy, consider trading down so you have more money for what you really want it for, whatever that may be.

It’s easy to feel stuck in your lifestyle, and our consumer culture makes other people’s lives seem so attractive. But take a minute to ask yourself what really matters in life; you’ll be more well off than you thought!

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