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How Is Your Birth Order Related To Your Finances?

May 17th 2016 by
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Birth Order Relates FinanceBirth order has been shown to have some effect on many aspects of life from personality to achievements and even to the type of person one will marry. It’s no surprise that financial health may be partly due to birth order as well.


Being responsible and driven are usually associated with the eldest sibling. Firstborns are usually more organized, punctual and responsible as they have typically been put in charge of their younger siblings multiple times, along with being depended on by parents as well.

This can all help lead to healthy finances including paying bills on time, responsible spending and carefully calculating financial risks. The drive that is usually seen in these people also accounts for having prominent careers in medicine and law. However, bearing so much responsibility and drive can cause burnout and mid-life crises. If someone is suffering from burnout, their finances are likely to suffer due to giving up on careers or goals they set for saving.


Middle children are typically the peacemakers and are good at solving problems along with creating inventive solutions to conflict. Many times, middle children don’t want to appear as being upstaged by their older sibling and often hide the truth surrounding their finances so siblings and parents will think they are more responsible and successful.

Being honest with themselves about their financial status will benefit middle children more than anything. If they are not honest with themselves, their budget will be in jeopardy by pretending to be able to afford everything that their older sibling can afford. Although middle children will attempt to deal with financial issues in a creative way, these solutions are often unhelpful and cause more harm than good. The best way to overcome their financial crisis is to overcome their pride and spend responsibly.


The youngest child tends to be in the spotlight of the family and receive leniency with responsibility. This can lead to poor financial health, not helped by the fact that the youngest tends to be more social and fun-loving. As a result, they are more likely to rely on their parents for financial help for a longer period of time than their other siblings. They are also likely to blame others for their financial consequences instead of taking responsibility, including blaming a company for “forgetting to send a bill” and as a result, their payment is late.

Additionally, the youngest tends to spend carelessly and complain about not having money to pay rent or fix their cars, but manage to have money to spend on dinners with friends and other social events. It is best to budget and still be able to enjoy going out with friends.

Only Child

Only children share many of the same traits as oldest children. Their credit scores tend to be high and are driven to make money. This may be due to spending much of their time around other adults and they learn to mature faster because of it. However, they may also overspend and live above their means as they try to impress others and fit in.

While birth order is only a theory, it may be a helpful indicator of your financial well-being. Consider your budget and spending to lead yourself to good financial health.

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