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Is Mobile Banking Safe?

February 21st 2017 by
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Of course mobile banking is safe. Credit unions and banks wouldn’t provide mobile banking services if it wasn’t. But many people aren’t aware of the security or convenience that mobile banking apps have to offer.

App vs. Browser

If you use your financial institution’s app, you’ll be connected securely to do your mobile banking.

You could also log into your account via your phone’s browser. This is still a secure option, but you run into the typical issues when utilizing mobile browsers, so it’s better to download and use the app.

Keeping Your Account Secure

Here are tips for keeping your account secure while using mobile banking:

  • Make your phone require a PIN to access. If you ever lose your phone, you won’t have to worry about someone accessing your information.
  • Do not save your login information to your device.
  • See if your smartphone has the option to lock remotely.
  • Set up Touch ID for logging into the mobile app if your smartphone is compatible.

Mobile Banking Convenience

Some of the convenient factors of mobile banking also make your information more secure. For example:

  • You can easily check your balance and recent transaction. This means you don’t have to get printed receipts with your account information. The Quick Balance feature on the Aspire Mobile App even allows you to access that information without logging in.
  • Instead of carrying cash around, you can use Popmoney to split a restaurant tab with friends or coworkers.
  • Deposit checks instantly with remote deposit. You just take a picture of your check in the app and you’re set!

Mobile banking can help you in other ways as well:

  • Pay bills wherever you are
  • Find a surcharge-free ATM or shared branch near you
  • Set up push notifications for important account events like low balance or large transactions

Technology Continues To Improve

Mobile banking will continue to evolve and provide more secure and convenient services, so download and get started!

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