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Making The Move To Mobile Banking

February 27th 2016 by
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Mobile Banking AppMore customers are finding their comfort zone in mobile banking. As branches disappear, customers are embracing the move to mobile banking to take control of their banking needs.

An article from CNBC explains that people of all ages are beginning to make fewer trips to the bank and opening their phones more. While we think of the older generation being more inclined to go the bank, surveys show that they are not far behind the younger generation in terms of making the move to mobile. Many people are discovering the convenience in mobile banking that helps them to send money to family members and handle credit cards all in one place.

Instead of making physical changes to branches, banks are becoming more concerned with and focused on the upkeep of their mobile apps. As a result, the numbers of visits to the bank that people make are on the decline. However, loyalty to their bank is not because of mobile banking with some banks including features where customers can receive individual attention right from their app.

However, the U.S. is internationally behind in the use of mobile banking. In other countries such as China and Slovakia, apps have been created where customers can pay utilities, book travel tickets and adhere to a monthly budget with their apps. One feature that has shown to be most convenient is ATM mobile withdrawal where customers can use their mobile app to withdraw money from their accounts instead of using their debit cards.

Banks are constantly updating their apps to be quicker and more convenient that make for no-hassle transfers and payments. Customers are left with ease in their banking experience and everything that they need to manage their money at their fingertips.

Mobile banking apps are taking over the way people control their money. Soon, it may be possible to conduct all transfers and payments from one app. Save the trip to the branch and download Aspire’s mobile banking app!

For more information, visit: http://www.cnbc.com/2015/11/25/for-the-future-of-banking-its-all-about-the-apps.html

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