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I Need My Cash Now: The ATM Dilemma

August 5th 2014 by
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I never carry cash on me. This is rarely a problem given the widespread debit and credit card acceptance, so I know I’m not alone. However, while driving towards a toll bridge last weekend, I realized plastic wouldn’t cover this expense. I needed cash – fast! And I wanted a surcharge-free ATM.

Fortunately for me, there were plenty of options. But for those of you who find yourselves in similar situations, I want to make sure you’re aware of these options.

Option #1: Use Your Computer to Plan Ahead

Obviously, it’s easiest to figure out where you can stop along your way using our online tool. If you remember to do this, you’ll spend less than a minute before you leave locating the ATM most convenient for you on this page.

It’s really simple, as this video shows:

Option #2: There’s an App For That

This is what saved me. You can download apps for your smartphone to help locate the closest ATM. The Aspire Mobile App includes the search feature for ATMs and branches in the Co-Op network. You can also download these two apps:

Allpoint® Global Surcharge-Free ATM Network App >>

Co-Op Surcharge-Free ATM Network App >>

Simply enter your location and go.

Option #3: Get Cash Back

When the first two options don’t work, you can always stop at your local supermarket and use your debit card for cash back. Stores often have limits to the amount you can withdraw, but it’s helpful to remember this in a pinch.

At Aspire, we’ve got you covered. We aspire to make banking with us easy and convenient. What do you love about banking with us?

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