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Receiving Your Statements and Bills Online

July 14th 2016 by
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During a time when the world is becoming more and more concerned with going green to preserve the planet, one thing you may want to consider going digital for is your credit card and bank statements, bills, as well as other important financial documents.  For some, paper statements may be a better choice, but you will need to decide which method is best for you.

Paper Statements – Why They’re Still Around

Although using paper is becoming to be considered outdated, having the physical statement can help you remember to pay your bill.  You can keep it in a place that reminds you to pay it along with being able to write on it about any questionable charges or fees until it is resolved.

Electronic bills can be set for email reminders, but that’s not always an easy option for some people. Even those of us who are experts on technology can overlook important emails.  Many of us are overwhelmed by the number of emails we receive, especially when many of those emails are junk.  Due to that fact, important emails can be overlooked and deleted.

However, there are ways to organize your computers and phones to make sure that your information is all in one place in a neat and organized manner, so you can use your mail provider’s tutorials to set that up.

Benefits of Online

Besides helping the planet, keeping everything online can help you, too.

Here are some reasons:

  • You can declutter your house or office with less filing (and save time too)
  • You can pay bills all in one place with Aspire’s Bill Pay – another way to save time
  • You can easily view your documents and bills without too much digging

Even though you may want to do your part to preserve the planet, consider whether or not paper statements may be best for you.  Take whatever measures necessary in order to make sure your finances are intact.

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