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How to Resist “Spending Temptation”

November 17th 2016 by
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The hardest part about having a budget is sticking to it. But usually it’s not emergencies that bring you down – it’s your own willpower. Telling yourself the sale is too good to ignore or you deserve to treat yourself can make it easy for you to spend money you don’t have.

It’s time you arm yourself with ways to combat the temptation to spend money you don’t really want to be spending.

Ask Yourself: “Do I Need This?”

Possibly the easiest tactic to employ is just talking yourself out of buying something you don’t need. If whatever you want to purchase is out of your budget, and it’s not something you need to survive, you can probably do without it for now.

Keep in mind that sales and other marketing tactics will try to make it hard for you to talk yourself out of buying.

Leave Credit Cards Behind

If you know you can’t talk yourself out of it, try making it harder to purchase things by only carrying your cash and/or Debit Card with you. And if online purchases are your weak spot, you can even trying putting your card in a bag full of water and storing it in the freezer. This will force you to really think before using it.

Find Substitutes

Sometimes all you need to do is find a suitable replacement for whatever it is you want. If you want a nice dinner, think about what it is your craving and find a recipe that will hit that spot. If you need new clothes, try hitting up a consignment shop instead of the mall. Or if you just want to get out this weekend, look at community websites or newspapers for free events happening in the area.

Make a 30-Day List

Can’t get something out your head? Write it down along with the date and see where you are a month later. If you still have the urge to get it, you’ll know it’ll be a splurge that’s more worthwhile.

Stay Focused on Your Goals

Whatever tactics you use, it’s important to stay focused on your goals. Maybe you want to buy a house, get rid of debt, or save for your child’s college tuition. Write your goals down and put them somewhere you can see every day.

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