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Saving At Thrift Stores

March 15th 2016 by
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Saving At Thrift Store

If you are going through a rough patch where money is tight, finding good deals on clothes and house items is very important.  Although thrift stores are usually viewed as being dirty, dusty and full of outdated clothing, that is not the case and it can be very helpful to you in your time of need.

In an article written by Allison Martin for Money Talks News, she describes her experiences when using thrift stores which helped her obtain clothing she desired when she needed it.  When she was searching for clothing for a job interview but did not have the budget for it, she found designer clothing at prices under $5.

Not every item that a thrift store receives will be put out to resell.  Most stores have teams that inspect clothing to determine what should be sold and what should  be either returned to it’s original owner or passed along to another charitable organization.  By doing this, clothes that are not in good condition will not be up for sale in order to ensure the quality of clothing that people are looking for.

When going to a store and buying a cheap shirt, you will likely not get many uses out of it.  Although clothes at the thrift store are used, they may be of better quality and material in which you will get many more uses out of and for a cheaper price.  Even if the item doesn’t last as long as you had expected, you didn’t pay a large price for those few uses.

An added bonus of thrift stores is that since children grow quickly, you won’t have to spend as much.  While it may seem like every few days you are buying new children’s clothing, it will be inexpensive to do so at a thrift store.  You may also be able to find gently used toys and sports gear that would usually be much more expensive elsewhere.

Thrift stores may also be able to provide with you some home and office items that would usually hurt your wallet.  Aside from decorative items, many stores have bedding, utensils and furniture that may be of use to you.

Always remember to set a budget before shopping, even when going to a thrift store.  Use the resources available to you when going through a rough patch.  Visit a thrift store and see what you can save!

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