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Saving Money

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For most kinds of purchases, you can get valuable advice and comparisons on the Internet. Ask a librarian or friends which Internet sites they think are helpful. Be aware that information you find is often biased. At many websites, the only products or sellers listed are often ones that pay to advertise. Before buying anything on the Internet, check several websites and make sure you deal with reputable dealers.

You may wish to access the following resources:

  • The Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) published a brochure titled “66 Ways to Save Money” that you may find helpful. You may order a printed copy of the brochure or read the information online. There is also a Consumer Knowledge Test you can take.
  • In addition, the Department of Energy (DOE) maintains information on saving energy and money at home, which includes information on space heating and cooling. You may also find more information on home energy savings from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) offers a website called Money Matters, which offers tips on a number of money management issues, such as saving money.
  • Kids.gov also offers information about saving money for kids.

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