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Summer Savings

July 11th 2013 by
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12We’re in the height of summer, and for most, that means relying on our hard working air conditioning units. Did you know that by simply regulating the temperature while you sleep, you could be saving a substantial amount of money in energy costs?

Summer is also a season in which we like to enjoy as many activities as possible. The good news is that there are plenty of attractions you can enjoy for little or no cost to you. You can likely find a local festival nearby, offering entertainment and activities at no cost to you.

Here are a few tips to help you save money this summer.

Depending on where you live, the temperature may rise way above your comfort level in the summertime. You may compensate by running your AC at a cool temp. That’s what it’s for, after all! In order to reduce energy costs, there are a few things you can do:

If no one is in the room, close the blinds or curtains! You don’t need to enjoy the sunlight if you’re not in the room. Closed blinds will stop the sun from heating the room, and therefore you’ll have to cool it down less.

Check your ceiling fans. Did you know that ceiling fans should run in different directions in the summer and winter? Check with your manufacturer (or online) to see what the proper position for the blades should be for summer. You might not be cooling your home effectively otherwise.

Turn the AC off at night and when no one is home. In the evenings, chances are the air is a lot cooler outside. Try sleeping with a window open, which is especially helpful if you have a correctly functioning ceiling fan. When you leave home for the day, make sure the air conditioner is off. There’s no need to cool an empty house.

When you go out in the summer, you might be looking for fun things to do. These do not have to cost you a lot either. Here are some inexpensive, and in some cases free, ideas of what to fill your summer days with.

Festivals. Almost any local area will have some kind of festival throughout the summer. Maybe a local musician is playing a free concert, or perhaps there’s an old car show where you can walk around and look at unique cars. The best way to find what’s available in your area is to search online for events in your city. Often, some local businesses offer discounted foods and services for festival attendees.

Go to the beach. If you live close enough to the ocean or another body of water, visiting the beach is a great way to spend the day. Most of the time, a day pass at a public beach is fairly inexpensive (or in the case of children, often free), and spending some time cooling off in the water can be a lot of fun. Make sure before you plan to sit on the beach that you pick up a book to read at your local library. And if you bring a cooler filled with water, juice, sandwiches and snacks, you can avoid spending money on food at the boardwalk or a restaurant later.

Visit a Museum.  If you have a museum in your area, it is often very inexpensive to take a tour. The museum may have days when there’s no charge at all. You’ll be spending the day inside, which is great on rainy days or during extreme heat, and you’ll learn a lot in the process.

Staying cool and having fun in the summer doesn’t have to be expensive! Enjoy the season and save some money in the process.

Sources: http://www.thesimpledollar.com/2010/06/20/the-real-reason-your-summer-energy-bills-are-so-high-and-seven-simple-ways-to-fix-it


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