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Talking About Money with Those You Love… When It Really Isn’t Easy

June 2nd 2011 by
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Some conversations don’t “just happen”. While money is something you need to deal with every day, actually having a conversation about money (one that doesn’t involve raised voices or finger pointing) is as rare as it is important.

When your spouse or significant other has different spending habits than you, if an elderly parent is moving in with you and finances have not yet been discussed, when a sibling seems to be taking advantage of Mom, or your adult child begins to see you as a cash dispenser… all these circumstances call for a conversation. And it won’t be easy.

When this happens, see to it that the setting is neutral and friendly. You should both be feeling pretty good, not tired or stressed. It’s a good idea to take a walk at the lake, a park, or have lunch at a restaurant.

Use “I” statements. For example, “I feel hurt when our credit union statement comes and I see large expenses I didn’t know about.” If the conversation becomes an argument, call a time-out. Say something like, “This is a really important discussion and I’m glad we’re having it. It’s not easy to talk about this. Let’s take a break to think things through and continue talking when we’re both feeling better.”

In most cases, the other person will secretly (or perhaps openly) be glad you brought it up. Once the air is clear, mutually beneficial solutions can usually be found.

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