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What To Do If Your Accounts Are Compromised

Posted in Security/Scams
July 2nd 2015 by
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Having reason to believe that your bank account or credit card has been compromised can be overwhelming and intimidating.  But don’t let the stress overtake your life. Use this guide to resolve the issue with as little anxiety as possible.

When you first detect that a compromise may have occurred, make sure that it is actually true.  Do not accept everything you read.  It’s good practice to contact your bank first for confirmation.

After confirming that there was a breach…

1. Find out what information was compromised and what assistance your bank and/or merchant is going to offer you.  You should also check your statements and credit report to see how far back the damage goes or if there was something you may have previously overlooked.

2. Call your credit card issuer to discuss any cards and accounts that may have been linked.

If it hasn’t already been done, cancel the card that was compromised to reduce the risk of further damage and to be able to begin recovering from what has already occurred.  Once you have established that the rest of your accounts are secure and that the malicious activity has ended, make sure that no “back doors” were set up on your accounts.  If so, criminals may be having your information forwarded or linked to their accounts to continue causing the same problems in the future, but with more ease.

3. Be sure to also change your PIN number and change passwords to all of your accounts including: email, social media sites, and sites such as Amazon.com.  When changing passwords, also make sure to check the answers to your security questions as they may have been changed when your account was compromised.

5. Lastly, you may want to sign yourself up for a fraud monitoring service which will help prevent future malicious activity from happening or getting out of control.

Don’t forget to check your accounts and credit cards on a regular basis to ensure you are protected and don’t fall victim to compromised accounts.

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