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Identifying and Stopping Fraud

Posted in Security/Scams
April 13th 2012 by
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Many unscrupulous people still try to take advantage of honest consumers—but you don’t have to be a victim. Look for these warning signs to avoid fraud:

  • You are asked for your bank account or credit card number.
  • Someone you don’t know offers you the chance to receive a credit card, loan, prize, lottery, or other valuable item, but asks you for personal data to claim it.
  • The solicitation looks like a government document and suggests that contest winnings or unclaimed assets are yours for a small fee. (The government doesn’t solicit money from citizens.)
  • Someone you don’t know asks you to send money or money orders to claim a prize, lottery, credit card, loan, or other valuable offer.
  •  An unknown caller claiming to be a lawyer or in law enforcement offers to help you get your money back (for a fee).
  • The deal is only good “for today” or a short time.
  • A “repair person” suddenly finds a dangerous defect in your car or home.
  • You are given little or no time to read a contract.
  • A sale item is suddenly unavailable, but a “much better item” is available for slightly more money.
  • Someone is trying to scare you into purchasing credit protection plans.

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