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Identifying Dangerous Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities

March 8th 2016 by
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Wifi Privacy Protection

Having a secure Wi-Fi networking is crucial to keeping your privacy secure.  The threat of hackers taking advantage of unsecured home networks is a real danger, as seen in the case of security defects among Asus routers.  However, you can take measures to keep your network secure.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) claims that despite Asus claiming that their routers could protect computers from unauthorized access, hacking and virus attacks, the routers had vulnerabilities that allowed hackers to access them.  Not only could hackers remotely log in to the router, they could also access user files that contained sensitive material, such as tax documents, and hackers could even change security settings.

If you do have an Asus router that you depend on for your home network, the FTC suggests taking a few steps to ensure your privacy.  Even though your router may indicate that the software is current, it may not be and you may be at risk.  Be sure to check the router’s software update tool along with the Asus support website for security updates in order to keep you router up to date with the latest security available.

Make sure to limit the access of your AiCloud or AiDisk features to what meets your needs because the default setup gives any internet user access to your storage. Change the setting to “limited” or “admin right,” instead of “limitless” in order to ensure your privacy.  The FTC also suggests that you change your password due to the fact that the Asus routers were pre-set with weak passwords.  Create new, more difficult passwords for your router and cloud services.

These changes that can be made to the Asus routers can also be applied to other routers and accounts in order to ensure the privacy of users.  It is important to do routine checkups on your router to make sure that security settings meet your needs and have not been changed.  Many people believe that the preset passwords that come with your routers are secure, especially if they are a jumble of numbers and letters.  However, this is not the case and passwords should be changed to unique, difficult to guess passwords upon being received.

Having a secure network is important to the privacy of everything done over the network.  Anything you access can also be accessed by hackers if your Wi-Fi is vulnerable.  Always be sure that any network you’re using is secure whenever conducting important transactions, especially when accessing bank and credit card accounts.

Keep yourself secure and check your routers to make sure your privacy is protected.

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