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Tips for Creating Smarter PIN Numbers

Posted in Security/Scams
May 22nd 2014 by
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Have this year’s data breaches made you reluctant to use your debit card?

Thankfully, companies like MasterCard and Visa are hard at work figuring out how to make your card more secure. However, until these “smart cards” get in our pockets, we’ll want to do what we can to protect ourselves.

Here at Aspire, we’re on top of how data breaches may affect our members and locate accounts that may have been compromised. But in addition to that, we can all protect ourselves a little more by adopting good PIN practices.

Here are tips for creating your card’s PIN:

  • Don’t use something guessable. There are 10,000 possibilities for your PIN, meaning you want to make the chance of guessing yours as close to 1:10,000 as you can. A report showed the most common pins were: 1234, 1111, 0000, 1212 and 7777.
  • Don’t use personal information that can be not-so-personal. Your birthday, street address and last four digits of your social security number are all numbers you may think are personal… they’re not. Facebook and Google have made it easier to look up personal information, so it’s best to not use it for your PIN.
  • Never write your PIN down. You might think that tiny post-it in your wallet is safe, but you’re just making yourself more vulnerable.
  • Change your PIN every few months. You should also make sure to change your PIN every time you get a new card.

It also helps to remember that you can swipe and sign instead of using your PIN. This will process the transaction as a credit card, making it harder for hackers to use that information. You’ll also have the added protection from Visa, MasterCard, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, we’re just a phone call away at 732-388-0477.

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