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How a Credit Union Can Help You Save Money

Posted in Aspire FAQs
May 23rd 2017 by
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With trust in big banks declining, more people are turning to credit unions as their financial institution of choice. And this means more people are learning how credit unions allow you to save more money. Here are the big benefits making a difference: No Minimum Balances Many banks have checking accounts that require a minimum balance, especially if it’s a rewards checking account. However, the vast majority of credit unions don’t have this requirement – even for rewards checking. This means you’re not getting slapped with unnecessary fees for accessing your own money. Lower Loan Rates Chances are you’re going…

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You Don’t Need a Branch Anymore

Posted in Aspire FAQs
January 18th 2017 by
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Old habits can be hard to break, and that includes going to a branch to do your banking. But if you’re still making special trips, you’re missing out on the more convenient services of online and mobile banking. Here are common questions people have about banking digitally: How can I check my transactions? Checking your transactions is easy to do online! You can log into online banking to view your spending history. With mobile banking, it can be even easier. You have the option to set up Quick Balance, which lets you see your balance and most recent transactions with…

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Receiving Your Statements and Bills Online

July 14th 2016 by
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During a time when the world is becoming more and more concerned with going green to preserve the planet, one thing you may want to consider going digital for is your credit card and bank statements, bills, as well as other important financial documents.  For some, paper statements may be a better choice, but you will need to decide which method is best for you. Paper Statements – Why They’re Still Around Although using paper is becoming to be considered outdated, having the physical statement can help you remember to pay your bill.  You can keep it in a place that reminds…

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Don’t Let the Car Dealership Trap You

Posted in Buying a Car
July 12th 2016 by

If you’re purchasing a new car, be prepared for aggressive, expensive tactics used by auto dealerships.  Equip yourself with some useful tips and keep your money in your pocket. Caution with Interactions You need to keep your guard up at all times.  Every person you deal with is looking to profit off of you, even if they say they do not receive a commission off of your purchase.  Be especially cautious of the finance office, which may even be designed to make you relax and feel more comfortable. Know Your Credit Score Knowing your credit score is a good general rule of thumb,…

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Should I Take Out A Personal Loan?

Posted in Borrowing Money
April 1st 2016 by

Situations arise in everyone’s lives in which, at times, the monthly budget cannot cover unexpected expenses. Before racking up your credit card bill, consider taking out a personal loan to help you cover the expenses. Taking out a personal loan may be a better option than using your credit card due to lower interest rates and you will usually receive a lump sum of cash with fixed payment terms and a set interest rate. When taking out a personal loan, don’t request more money than you need and won’t be able to afford to repay. You will need to pay loan origination…

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