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What Lies Do You Tell Yourself About Your Finances?

September 6th 2016 by
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In order to ensure that you will have a healthy financial future, be honest with yourself about your finances.  Many people who end up having financial hardships are in those situations because they were not honest about their finances.  There are some common lies that people tell themselves that lead them down the wrong financial track. “I Have More Good Debt than Bad” Many people believe in separating debt into good debt and bad debt.  Good debt is typically considered student loans, mortgages, or car loans, where bad debt is usually from credit cards with high interest rates.  Even though some debt…

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Be Smart About Student Loans

Posted in Young Adults
April 22nd 2016 by
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When it comes to student loans, there are common mistakes that college students make. Knowing the common errors can help you make the right choices when it comes to taking out loans and help you to avoid falling into debt. The first mistake most freshmen make is thinking that they need loans when they do not. About 60% of students borrow each year to cover their college expenses, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Instead of taking out a loan, you may want to consider going to a cheaper school or paying in cash. It would also be an advantage to check…

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