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Financial Tips for Single Parents

February 21st 2014 by
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For single parents, managing finances can carry significant stress, concern and worry. Stretching one income to provide for your family is important, and knowing how to do it effectively, without getting stressed out, is even more so. Here are some tips from financial experts to help you better manage your finances so you can devote more time to your children instead of your financial statement. There are plenty of challenges, including financial ones, that present themselves to single parents. Developing a balanced strategy to meet your family’s financial needs can significantly reduce the concerns that may arise in the future.…

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Planning a Budget with Your Kids

November 14th 2013 by
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Don’t forget to include your children when planning a family budget. When you work with them to make a comprehensive family plan that they can understand, you not only account more fully for all your expenses, but you also teach them valuable lessons that will set them on a path toward a sound financial future. What could be more priceless than that? Explain the Necessity of a Budget While examining the state of your retirement fund may be enough to convince you of the need for budgeting, your children will likely be motivated by very different goals. Encourage them to…

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How to Bring Your Spending Under Control

February 26th 2013 by
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Does money trickle out of your wallet like a lazy river, a babbling brook, or rushing white water rapids? Government figures show that many households with a total income of $50,000 or less are spending more than they bring in thanks to the liberal availability of credit. This doesn’t make you an automatic candidate for bankruptcy, but it’s definitely a sign you need to make some serious spending cuts. A budget is the only practical way to get a grip on your spending. Creating a budget requires that you: Identify how your money is spent today. Evaluate your spending. Set goals that take into account your financial objective. Track your ongoing spending to make sure it stays within your established guidelines. Here’s how to put a dam on your uncontrolled cash flow: Watch out for cash leakage. If withdrawals from the ATM evaporate from your pocket without apparent explanation, keep…

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New Year’s Resolution – Living Without Debt

January 3rd 2013 by
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If you’re in debt, you’re not alone. However, the New Year is one more chance to change your spending habits. There are encouraging signs that many Americans are starting to realize the urgent need to start saving for tomorrow. People are beginning to realize that they can’t keep spending more than they earn. But the key for today is to get out of debt. Follow these steps to reach your goal: 1. Understand that credit is not more money. If your credit card has a $5,000 limit, you don’t have $5,000. You only have the right to rent $5,000 and you may have to pay a very high price for that right. 2. If you’re going to use a credit card, make sure it doesn’t have a high interest rate. Aspire and other credit unions tend to have better rates than other lenders. 3. Stop using credit. People find it…

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