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Personal Loans: The Swiss Army Knife Of Personal Finance

Posted in Borrowing Money
October 27th 2016 by
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Sometimes life throws expensive surprises. To cover them, you’ll need to borrow. If you’re borrowing to finance one of these costly events, consider a personal loan. 1.) Weddings. When it’s time to get married, the wedding is on- there’s no waiting for funds! The average wedding costs over $30,000, too much for one credit card, and the interest would make it incredibly more expensive. A personal loan beats credit cards and financing; you’ll have both a better repayment plan and interest rate. You may even benefit further if you skip the deposit and offer to pay more of the total…

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4 Tips for a Successful Interview

October 5th 2016 by
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A new job can be a smart financial move. Getting that new job can be stressful. If you’re looking to start a new job and have begun the application and interview process, there are few important things to know before you meet your potential employer. 1. Leave the Phone in the Car Many employers say one of the major reasons they do not accept an applicant is when the applicant checks or answers their phone during the interview.  Be sure to turn your phone off and put it away long before the interview begins, ideally before you even enter the…

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Do You Want to Start Your Own Business?

September 22nd 2015 by
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Being your own boss is tempting! That’s why hundreds of thousands of small businesses are launched every month. While not every one makes it, small businesses make up a significant portion of our economy. Maybe you have a special skill or product you’d like to launch. Do you know what steps you need to take to make it a business? What to think about? Or even the resources available to you? Know What Traits Good Small Business Owners Have First off, not every business owner will have all the key character traits. But a lot share these qualities: Discipline Frugal…

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