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How To Have a Financially Productive Summer

May 30th 2017 by
1 comment

Summer vacation is a quintessentially American innovation. Kids have months on end free from school and are eager to make the most of it. On one hand, it’s great to spend more time with them. On the other, how do you keep them entertained without breaking the bank? Fortunately, there are a few ways to have the kind of summer break that builds memories without building debt. You can use these months to teach your children valuable lessons about financial responsibility, spend quality time together as a family and save (or make!) a little money along the way. Try activities…

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It Costs How Much To Get Married!?

March 7th 2017 by
0 comment

According to a new report by a leading wedding magazine, The Knot, the average American wedding cost has eclipsed $35,000. That’s more than half of the yearly median income! Most of that spending isn’t on lavish luxuries for bride and groom – it comes from the guest list. Couples are inviting more people and doing more for them, trying to create an unforgettable experience for their loved ones. If you’ve got an event planned for the coming year, read on. Your bill doesn’t need to be that extreme. Here are five ways to save on the cost of your big…

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Auto Loan Glossary: Know These Before You Go To the Dealership

Posted in Buying a Car
February 16th 2017 by
0 comment

Knowledge is power when it comes to car shopping. Read over these terms before you head to the lot: APR This is short for Annual Percentage Rate. It’s the percentage you have to pay each year for financing your vehicle. The APR you get for your loan depends on your individual creditworthiness. Balloon Payment A loan with a balloon payment will give you manageable monthly payments with one large payment, the balloon payment, at the end of the loan. Black Book This refers to information about a vehicle based on data from wholesale car auctions. Blue Book Blue Book is…

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Help! I Overspent On Christmas!

Posted in Borrowing Money
December 27th 2016 by
0 comment

It’s easy to go overboard for Christmas. Giving extravagant gifts to your family members seems like a great idea…until you’re facing a huge credit card bill in January. However it happened, approach this problem rationally. Blaming yourself is pointless; the important thing now is to right yourself financially. Fortunately, you’re not facing this alone. We’re here to help. Check out these four ways you can patch up your finances and have things right before summer. 1.) Budgeting advice It’s very tempting to make only the minimum payments on the credit card you used to buy Christmas. Unfortunately, it’s also the…

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How to Resist “Spending Temptation”

November 17th 2016 by
0 comment

The hardest part about having a budget is sticking to it. But usually it’s not emergencies that bring you down – it’s your own willpower. Telling yourself the sale is too good to ignore or you deserve to treat yourself can make it easy for you to spend money you don’t have. It’s time you arm yourself with ways to combat the temptation to spend money you don’t really want to be spending. Ask Yourself: “Do I Need This?” Possibly the easiest tactic to employ is just talking yourself out of buying something you don’t need. If whatever you want…

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