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How a Credit Union Can Help You Save Money

Posted in Aspire FAQs
May 23rd 2017 by
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With trust in big banks declining, more people are turning to credit unions as their financial institution of choice. And this means more people are learning how credit unions allow you to save more money. Here are the big benefits making a difference: No Minimum Balances Many banks have checking accounts that require a minimum balance, especially if it’s a rewards checking account. However, the vast majority of credit unions don’t have this requirement – even for rewards checking. This means you’re not getting slapped with unnecessary fees for accessing your own money. Lower Loan Rates Chances are you’re going…

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Can You Afford Your Checking Account?

January 3rd 2017 by
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Free checking does exist. Free REWARDS Checking even exists. Yet so many people are paying to keep a checking account open. The problem is this: most people open an account and keep it to avoid the hassle of change – even if it’s good change. Most people also don’t know about free services such as ClickSWITCH that make switching your payments and direct deposit simple. The big banks aren’t looking out for their customers best interest. The Wells Fargo scandal is a good example of that. And unnecessary fees are just a piece of that puzzle. What Fees Are You…

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Is 0% APR Too Good To Be True?

Posted in Borrowing Money
November 10th 2016 by
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Promotions that boast 0% APR or 0% financing get a lot of attention. No one likes the idea of paying interest. So when you see a loan promotion (usually for autos) with that promise, you can’t help but wonder if it’s too good to be true. Bottom line: it is possible to have a loan with 0% APR. However, there is some fine print you need to look out for. What’s the length of the loan? Loans with 0% APR tend to be for shorter terms, which means higher monthly payments. You’ll need to make sure you can fit those…

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Wells Fargo Scandal: Have You Checked Your Credit Report Lately?

October 11th 2016 by
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Keeping an eye on your credit report allows you to monitor any errors that come up. At Aspire, we offer free credit report reviews and try to help you understand what’s happening with your accounts, but it also helps for you to look at your report once a year at annualcreditreport.com (you get one free look every year). Why is it so important? Even companies you think you can trust, like Wells Fargo, can be corrupt. Wells Fargo Employees Opened Millions of Unauthorized Bank Accounts Since 2011, Wells Fargo employees have been opening deposit and credit card accounts without notifying…

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Savings Certificates: How To Keep Your Money Spinning

July 20th 2016 by

What is a share savings certificate? A share savings certificate is much like the familiar certificate of deposit (CD) offered by banks. It acts like a traditional savings account in that you deposit money to collect dividends over time. It differs from a traditional savings account, though, because you cannot withdraw or deposit money at will. Instead, you agree to place your money on deposit for a preset period of time, called the “term length,” during which you may not make withdrawals without a penalty. Because you trust your money with the credit union for a longer period of time,…

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