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Stop the Data Breaches

February 3rd 2015 by
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This is a memo from President/CEO Tom O’Shea At Aspire FCU, we believe protecting the privacy and security of our members’ accounts is our most important responsibility. As you probably know, we recently upgraded our systems to provide you with more security features. When we discover a data breach at retailers like Staples, Target or Home Depot, we take action immediately to change account numbers and issue new credit and debit cards for members who were affected. In many cases, we aren’t permitted to tell you which merchant caused the breach even though we are working to protect your account…

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Credit Unions Beat Banks in Satisfaction

December 9th 2014 by
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Not much of a surprise, but credit unions are doing an excellent job keeping members satisfied. Given our “members first” philosophy here at Aspire FCU, we’re thrilled to hear that. The American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) reported that credit unions scored an 85 in satisfaction, while banks were down at 76. Not only that, credit unions came in second across all industries for consumer satisfaction. We even beat hotels and restaurants to get that spot. The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) put together this infographic about the results: Why No One is Surprised Credit unions had a record-breaking year as…

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Why You Should Choose Credit Instead of Debit

October 7th 2014 by
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When you use your debit card, the machine will usually ask you to select credit or debit. You may think your choice doesn’t matter – both will take money directly out of your bank account – but your choice can potentially affect you. Some merchants will make their card machines automatically process your card as a debit transaction (it benefits them). If you don’t see the option for credit, ask the cashier if you can use your card as credit instead. You’ll then be able to access the following benefits… Most Important: Fraud Protection Keying in your PIN makes your…

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Choosing Your Financial Institution

September 9th 2014 by
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What was the very first financial choice you ever made? Think about it. It likely took place before your first job, even as far back as when your annual income consisted of Tooth Fairy money and lucky pennies. The very first financial decision you ever made is also one of the most important choices; it’s where to keep your money. When you first made that decision, piggy banks, sock drawers, and “buried-in-the-sandbox-like-pirate-treasure” all seemed like perfectly acceptable options. As it turns out, they aren’t nearly as super-secret as you might have hoped. Opening a bank account is the best solution,…

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What’s Happening with Money Market Funds

August 19th 2014 by
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You may have heard or read about a recent change in money market funds. As an individual, it’s not likely to have an impact on you. However, the changes are substantial for organizations and it helps to understand what’s happening. What Happened? On July 24, 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) put the following into effect: Institutional money market mutual funds will have floating share prices instead of the stable $1 share price that has been present. Retail funds (for individuals) and government funds will maintain the $1 share price. If the fund’s liquidity drops below 30% of total…

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