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I Need My Cash Now: The ATM Dilemma

August 5th 2014 by
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I never carry cash on me. This is rarely a problem given the widespread debit and credit card acceptance, so I know I’m not alone. However, while driving towards a toll bridge last weekend, I realized plastic wouldn’t cover this expense. I needed cash – fast! And I wanted a surcharge-free ATM. Fortunately for me, there were plenty of options. But for those of you who find yourselves in similar situations, I want to make sure you’re aware of these options. Option #1: Use Your Computer to Plan Ahead Obviously, it’s easiest to figure out where you can stop along…

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Q&A: What Do I Get Out of a Membership with Aspire?

Posted in Aspire FAQs
June 6th 2014 by

Need more reasons why you should switch to Aspire? You’ve come to the right place! What are the benefits of being a member of Aspire? A membership with Aspire affords you the opportunity to benefit from the great products and services we have to offer you, without having to worry about minimum balance fees often associated with some major bank products. We provide great rates on our auto and personal loans, we offer vacation and holiday loans, student loans, home equity loans, mortgages, and a variety of other services you can take advantage of as a result of your membership.…

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A Message From Our President, Thomas O’Shea

May 27th 2014 by

The word ‘Member’ is used very loosely by today’s marketers and businesses.  American Express, Costco and Sam’s Club all want you to believe that you are a ‘member.’ Amazon.com has something they call a “Prime Membership” (prepaid shipping!). You are not a ‘member’ of American Express; you’re a customer. You’re not a member of Costco, Sam’s Club or Amazon, just a customer. TheFreeDictionary.com defines membership as “a state involving mutual dealings between people.” The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Member as “someone that belongs to is a part of a group” and “a part of a structure.” Museums, Zoos, Community Gardens, Fraternities…

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The “Make Your Money Matter” Story

May 16th 2014 by
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If you’re not a member, we certainly want you to join us at Aspire FCU. However, more than that, we hope you join the credit union movement. That’s why we appreciate sites like Make Your Money Matter. Make Your Money Matter lets you scroll through a story; the story of how banks will use your money vs. credit unions. They even have a tool that lets you select your bank and weekly deposit amount so they can show you how much your bank is making off of you: The site also has resources that let you find a credit union,…

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International Credit Union Day Challenge

October 12th 2012 by
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Join Aspire Federal Credit Union in celebrating International Credit Union Day by submitting a video to YouTube letting us know how Aspire has helped you reach your financial goals, and you could win a 3-month subscription to NetFlix! Use tag “#AspireFCU”. Check out our video and official rules here: http://bit.ly/SQqSQ4 Now, let us tell you some information about International Credit Union Day. Beginning in 1948, credit unions have come together annually on the third Thursday in October to commemorate the credit union movement’s history and achievements through International Credit Union Day. (This year, International Credit Union Day falls on Thursday, October 18th, but here at Aspire, we’re celebrating all week long, from the 15th to the 19th!) This year’s theme, “Members Matter Most”, celebrates the important economic and social contributions credit unions make to their communities worldwide. Aspire is just one of more than 51,000 credit unions in the world,…

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