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Feeling Stuck In Your Car Loan? Might Be Time To Shop Around!

April 6th 2017 by
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Bills are a lot like bad weather. They’re going to come anyway, so you might as well not try to fix them, right? For some bills, that’s the case. For others, though, you can make a big difference in your monthly budget with a little legwork. One of the bills you can change is your car payment. Refinancing your auto loan can lead to a lower monthly payment, a shorter term, or both! It depends on a wide range of factors, including the value of your vehicle, how much you owe on your current loan, and your credit standing. If…

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Are You Part of the Credit Invisibles or Unscoreables?

March 9th 2017 by
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If you do not have any credit history with one of the credit reporting companies (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion), you’re considered to be “credit invisible.” The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates about 26 million people fall into that category, which comes out to one in ten adults. Then there are people with little or insufficient credit history, which comes to about 19 million. These people are considered “credit unscoreable.” Together, that’s 45 million people who may not have access to the credit they need, or about 20% of the adult population. How Credit Reports Work You aren’t finished with report cards after…

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Are You Guilty of These Credit Card Sins?

Posted in Borrowing Money
December 20th 2016 by
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Credit cards can be highly beneficial when they are used correctly, but can be detrimental to your finances when not used responsibly.  Below are some credit card habits that you should avoid in order to be a savvy credit card user. Make Payment Arrangements When You’re Struggling Instead of ignoring your accounts when you are struggling to make ends meet, call your creditor to see if payment arrangements are available.  Even one late payment can cause your score to drop 100 points (depending on your score before the missed payment).  You’ll also most likely be charged a late fee and a…

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Personal Loans: The Swiss Army Knife Of Personal Finance

Posted in Borrowing Money
October 27th 2016 by
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Sometimes life throws expensive surprises. To cover them, you’ll need to borrow. If you’re borrowing to finance one of these costly events, consider a personal loan. 1.) Weddings. When it’s time to get married, the wedding is on- there’s no waiting for funds! The average wedding costs over $30,000, too much for one credit card, and the interest would make it incredibly more expensive. A personal loan beats credit cards and financing; you’ll have both a better repayment plan and interest rate. You may even benefit further if you skip the deposit and offer to pay more of the total…

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Good Ideas, Bad For Credit: How Your Responsible Choices Can End Up Hurting Your Credit Score

October 25th 2016 by
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Q: I’ve had some trouble with credit in the past, but I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. I think I’m doing everything right, but my credit score still isn’t rising! What gives? A: Credit scores can affect you more than you know. Employers look at credit scores. Landlords look at credit scores. Bill providers look at credit scores, and they might decide to charge you if yours gets too low. With all this pressure, you’ve no doubt started working on some good habits for improving your credit score. You pay your bills on time, are sure to not…

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