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How Can I Know If My Too-Good-To-Be-True Deal is Legitimate?

May 25th 2016 by
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Q: I was shopping for a new handbag online and noticed a huge difference in prices between retailers. One had a bag for $20, while the other had the same for $200! The first option seems too good to be true. Should I be wary of that amazing deal? A: It’s possible, though very unlikely, that someone is selling brand name goods at a fraction of the price. It’s far more likely, though, that the cheaper goods are counterfeit. They’re made to resemble the original, but use low-quality materials and little or no quality control in the manufacturing process. Counterfeit…

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Watch Out for Scams in Wake of Prince’s Death

Posted in Security/Scams
May 4th 2016 by
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In the wake of Prince’s death, scammers are trying to lure the unsuspecting public into scams to profit on the celebrity’s death.  If you are not aware of their tactics, you can easily become their next victim. What’s Happening? Quickly after Prince’s death, scammers began developing phishing emails and social media posts claiming to give people access to Prince’s last words on video.  These emails, posts,  and even text messages, were built to contain dangerous links and attachments that are similar to what was seen shortly after the death of Robin Williams. While there are a variety of different ways in which people can fall…

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ATM Fraud is on the Rise this Season

Posted in Security/Scams
December 1st 2015 by
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The holidays are a time of giving and being thankful for loved ones. Unfortunately, however, with the sweet comes the sour. The holidays also carry more risk of fraud – especially ATM skimming. ATM skimmers will attempt to get both your card number and PIN number when you use your ATM card at a terminal. In order to stay safe, you must always be vigilant even when you believe you’re in a safe location. These tips will help you stay safer this season: Protect Your PIN If there are people waiting to use the ATM, make sure you block the keypad…

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Fight Fraud! 6 Tips for Secure Shopping

Posted in Security/Scams
October 27th 2015 by
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With holiday shopping about to begin (or already started for some of you early birds!), it’s important to know what you can do to protect your debit/credit card information. While no one can be 100% protected from all types of fraud, there are steps you can take to be less at risk. Most of the precautions you can take don’t require any extra expenses or time. It’s really about turning basic tasks into habit. 1. Check Transactions Regularly Online banking makes monitoring your accounts easy. Make a point to log in every day and see where your money is going.…

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Remember: FAFSA Starts with “Free”

August 4th 2015 by
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With stories of data breaches and identity theft continuing to pop up, it’s important to look at another popular scam: college financial aid fraud. Students are at risk of having their personal information taken by criminals, or simply falling for a service they don’t need to shell out the big bucks for. FAFSA Facts FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. There are zero costs to apply – it only takes your time. There are also plenty of free resources to help you fill it out. Applications can (and should) be filled out at fafsa.gov. What To Watch Out…

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