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We Saved 20 Seals!

August 3rd 2012 by
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The results of our “Adopt a Seal” campaign are in! 978 members signed up for eStatements during our promotional period. Aspire gave the Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC) a donation of $500, saving 20 seals! Founded by Robert Schoelkopf and his wife, Sheila Dean, the Marine Mammal Stranding Center has been a private, non-profit organization since 1978. With a C.E.T.A. grant and a handful of volunteers, the organization began at the Gardner’s Basin (inlet section of Atlantic City, NJ). 34 years, a move to Brigantine, NJ, and 3,900+ responses to whales, dolphins, seals and sea turtles later, the Marine Mammal…

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Aspire’s Home for the Holidays

December 23rd 2011 by
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Aspire FCU loves to get in the holiday spirit! On Wednesday, 12/21, the Clark branch held its Holiday Party right in the office, with a “Home for the Holidays” theme. Aspire’s fun didn’t just start and stop there; events leading up to the Holiday Party have been taking place since the beginning of the week. On Monday, there was a stocking guess (employees had to guess the unidentified items in a holiday stocking by touch), and on Tuesday, we had a Holiday Sweater/Sweatshirt competition (the most unique sweatshirt won). The day of the party, Wednesday, employees participated in Holiday Headwear day and competition – holiday hats were a must. If caught without holiday headwear at any point in the day, the employee would be disqualified! There was also a baking contest. The winners were based on taste, presentation and creativity. All winners were announced at the Holiday Party, and winners…

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We’re giving away an iPad!

October 14th 2011 by
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To celebrate our members and International Credit Union Day, we’re giving away an iPad!* This year’s International Credit Union Day is Thursday, October 20, but we celebrate all week long at Aspire (10/17-10/22). It was created for credit unions around the world to thank members for their loyalty and to raise awareness about the credit union movement. Throughout the month of October, credit unions internationally (including us!) will be celebrating with giveaways and snacks/light refreshments for visitors. This year’s theme is “Credit Unions Build a Better World,” and it’s all about paying it forward. So we’ve been doing our best…

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Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day 2011

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On April 28, 2011, Aspire FCU celebrated its first annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. The day was filled with bonding, awareness and education, but most importantly, FUN! Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day originated 19 years ago with the Ms. Foundation as “Take Our Daughters to Work Day” and was geared towards females, but has grown tremendously and now incorporates our sons as well. This Day is designed to not only teach our children how their parents’ place of work operates, but also to teach them what the “real world” is like, boost their confidence, get a feel for what they aspire to do in the future, and also to educate them of their own possibilities. With a group of eight, ranging from ages 8-13, the children bonded throughout the day with educational activities and crafts. After breakfast and a tour of the office, guest…

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