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Mother’s Day On A Budget

May 9th 2017 by
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Along with the blossoming flowers, the blazing sunshine and the tinkling bell of the ice cream truck come ideas and plans for celebrating Mother’s Day. Our moms are always there for us, as a sounding board, a virtual treasure trove of advice and to dote on us when we need a little pampering. Mother’s Day, then, is when we show them how much we appreciate all they do for us throughout the year. However, between purchasing the perfect gift, buying mom flowers and dining out, Mother’s Day costs can quickly add up to a small fortune. How do you keep…

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5 Financial New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

December 29th 2016 by
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It’s easy to make resolutions, not so easy to keep them. This is true for all resolutions, but especially financial ones. You can have all the enthusiasm in the world in January only to give up by Valentine’s Day. The key for all resolutions is to set attainable, actionable goals. Don’t be vague and don’t aim too high. Instead of “Pay all my bills on time to help build my credit score,” try “Set up automatic payments” Life gets chaotic, and it can be tiresome keeping track of what gets paid when. Technology has made things so much easier though,…

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Organize Your Finances for the New Year

December 28th 2016 by
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A new year brings a chance to start fresh with just about anything. If your midnight toast includes a resolution to improve your financial health, here’s how to make it happen. Get on a budget To get ahead, it’s important to know where you stand and to create a plan with realistic goals such as a comfortable retirement, education and home ownership. Budgeting may sound old-school, but it’s still one of the best ways to accomplish this. Start by totaling your income and subtracting your monthly expenses for a quick financial snapshot. Then set goals, reduce unnecessary spending and, if…

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How To Be The Host With The Most Without Draining Your Account

December 15th 2016 by
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Q: It’s my turn to host my family for the holidays. How can I entertain the crowd without spending a fortune? While it’s great fun to gather under one roof for a festive meal, feeding a crowd can seriously strain your budget. Fortunately, it’s possible to be a great host without breaking your budget. Try these 3 handy tips to save on expenses. 1.) Plan For all personal finance matters, it’s crucial to make a plan. The plan should identify your needs for a project and how you intend to meet them. For a meal, that includes all the food…

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How Not To Bust Your Holiday Budget

December 14th 2016 by
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According a T. Rowe Price survey, more than 50% of parents will aim to get everything on their kids’ wish lists this year. Many of these parents will be paying for these gifts for months, or even years, afterward. There’s a better way, and it’s simple: create a budget, and make informed decisions about your spending before you hit the shops. Short-term effects Tipping your budget just a bit every once in a while isn’t a disaster. But the spending hangover many parents face after holiday shopping is too large to be easily forgotten. Over half the parents surveyed will…

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