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Don’t Let the Summer Drain Your Wallet

July 7th 2015 by
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Summer can bring a lot of extra expenses.  There are simple and easy things you can do that will help you save your money for these larger expenses. Work with your air conditioning The first (and possibly largest secret to saving money) is to turn your air conditioning off or thermostat up when you are not home.  If no one is going to be in your house all day, there is no reason to leave the air conditioner running as usual when you could simply open your windows to keep the house ventilated until you return home. Programmable thermostats make managing your…

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Cost-Effective Choices for Remodeling Your Home

Posted in Home Ownership
May 5th 2015 by
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Spring is a popular season for homeowners to take out a home equity line of credit or loan to upgrade their home. Remodeling has the potential to save you money and increase your home’s value. However, you need to make the right remodel choices to fully reap the benefits. Smart investments usually have the following qualities: Low maintenance (a pool, for example, is anything but low-maintenance) Good quality, but not necessarily the highest quality Energy-efficient Not too costly Need some examples? We’ve compiled a list of the best choices. Think Green Environmentally-friendly improvements can save you money, help the environment and…

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Uses of Home Equity Lines of Credit

April 28th 2015 by

This is a guest post from Roberta Pescow, NerdWallet The equity in your home is a powerful thing, but it’s up to you to unleash that potential. A home equity line of credit can put your equity to work for you. Here’s what you should know about this form of revolving charge account and some of the ways to use it. Understanding HELOCs A HELOC (pronounced “hee-lock”) is a form of secured financing that uses the borrower’s home as collateral. It relies on using your home equity, or the difference between the appraised value and what you owe on the…

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How To Prepare Your House for Sale

Posted in Home Ownership
April 16th 2015 by
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The spring season is a busy time for real estate. If you plan to put your home on the market, you want it to look its best. Here’s how to make your home more appealing to buyers. De-Clutter You want to create as much space as possible to make your home look bigger. To do this, get rid of anything you don’t use regularly. You can sell or donate things you don’t use, or rent a storage unit for things you want in your new home. Going through the de-clutter process will also help you get organized for your own…

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4 Things That Can Add Value to Your Home

July 24th 2014 by
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Your home is your most valuable investment. Homeowners who understand how to add value to their homes will reap greater rewards off their investments. If you want to maximize the return on that investment, there are fundamental things you can add that will increase its value over time. Here are 4 things you can add to your home for maximum value. 1. Exterior Beauty Your home’s exterior is the first impression it gives your visitors and potential buyers. How your property looks from the outside will influence the value it has to others. This is known as “curb appeal” and…

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