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5 Home-Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Posted in Home Ownership
October 6th 2016 by
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Owning a home is the American Dream. And apparently, that dream is alive and well with millennials; over 90% of millennials report they’d like to own a home. It’s easy to get caught up in fulfilling your dream and make a financial blunder, though. But a little preparation can help you avoid that. The American Consumer Council put together this video with financial planner Kim Curtis: The 5 major mistakes she talks about in the video are: 1. Overestimating What You Can Afford Many people make the mistake of looking for a house that costs about the same as their…

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Keep Your Moving Costs Low

August 25th 2016 by
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If you are moving long distance, movers will charge based on how much items weigh and the distance you are moving.  The more you’re moving, the more you’ll pay. Professional movers can make things easier and more convenient, but moving yourself can be a lot cheaper.  However, both ways bring their hassles. Here are some ways you can save some money and reduce your headaches as you make it to your new location. Start Purging It is best to begin getting rid of some of your belongings well before it is time to move.  See what books and clothes you…

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Uncertainty a Growing Theme for Retirement

Posted in Retirement
August 18th 2016 by
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Saving for retirement can be stressful and frustrating for many people.  Growing concerns over the sustainability of programs like Social Security create worry, but many struggle to save on their own. It’s also a concern that affects people of all walks of life. Current Retirees vs. Upcoming Based on retirement savings, 73% of wealthy retirees reported being confident that they saved enough to last them throughout their retirement.  However, only 57% of wealthy people who are not retired think they will have enough money saved.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that while 59% of wealthy retirees reported not feeling stressed about retirement…

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Should You Rent or Buy?

Posted in Home Ownership
July 26th 2016 by
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Should you rent? Or take the plunge and buy?  Making this decision depends on several factors that you need to take into consideration. The conventional wisdom that buying a home is one of the best investments that a person can make no longer exists thanks to the Great Recession.  Like that wisdom, the notion that paying rent is throwing away money is gone too.  Due to many changing factors, buying a home does not always make sense in every situation, even for those who have the means to do so and even when the market is strong. Financials There are…

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Parents Turning to Crowdfunding for Parental Leave

July 7th 2016 by
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Many parents who don’t receive paid time off for the birth of their newborn have started using crowdfunding to pay for maternity or parental leave. For example, Texas mom Tanya Baker raised $1,225 of the $1,500 goal she set on GoFundMe.com for her leave.  Baker has two young daughters and wanted to be able to spend the necessary bonding time with her new addition,  a third daughter. She missed out on this bonding time with her other two due to not being able to take time off from work.  She is the primary breadwinner for her family and had to return to work two weeks after her…

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