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Regulation D: How Does It Affect Me?

April 25th 2017 by
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Have you ever wondered about the real differences between your savings and checking accounts? Many people realize there must be more to it than just the fact that one includes checks and the other does not. However, they just don’t know what those differences are. So let’s look at some of the technical differences that define each account type. Reserve Requirements Did you ever wonder how much cash your credit union keeps in its vaults? It’s not all the money that members have deposited into their accounts. If that were the case, the credit union could never lend or invest money, and you could never earn any dividends on your deposits. Your credit union would simply function as a gigantic communal piggy bank. There are laws determined by the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, called reserve requirements, which govern how much cash financial institutions (including credit unions and banks) must…

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Women’s History Month: Women In Finance

March 28th 2017 by
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Because March is Women’s History Month, we’re taking a moment to reflect on many of the important contributions women have made to society. At Aspire FCU, we’re proud to be a part of the nationwide celebration of women. As part of this effort, we’d like to take time to recognize a few important women in the history of finance and entrepreneurship. Here are five lesser-known and underappreciated women who are sometimes left out of the popular economics conversation. That, of course, does not diminish the importance of their trailblazing efforts and work. Maggie Lena Walker, first female bank president Maggie…

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With ‘Pokémon Go,’ If You Gotta Catch ‘em All, Consider The Price

August 4th 2016 by
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Pokémon was the hottest game in the 90’s. In Pokemon, players capture monsters, train them, and pit them against opponent’s monsters. Pokemon’s popularity was due to its simplicity and social aspect- a player could link two handheld consoles together and battle his friends. All subsequent Nintendo consoles had the same basic premise and popularity but none held the appeal of the original. Why would people purchase dedicated gaming consoles when their phone provides endless entertainment? Finally, Pokémon joined the smartphone age with a free app called “Pokémon Go.” Available for iOS and Android devices, Pokémon Go requires GPS functionality and…

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The Numbers Behind U.S. Jobs

Posted in Jobs
June 28th 2016 by
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There are some jobs flourishing better than others in today’s ever-changing economy.  It’s great for waiters, bartenders and nurses, but what about everyone else? It seems that the economy continues to produce more jobs in large numbers each month and long-term unemployment numbers appear to be decreasing.  However, things still don’t feel like they are that good. Where Job Growth is Happening The economy has produced 12.4 million jobs since March 2011 in many areas: 2.2 million in leisure and hospitality 1.8 million in accommodation and food services 2.6 million in education and health services 2.1 million in health care and social…

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The Cost of Driving

Posted in Buying a Car
June 16th 2016 by
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With the official start of summer coming up, AAA recently reported the cost of driving has hit a six-year low due to falling gas prices.  However, you may be paying more by summer. 2016 Driving Costs The 2016 Your Driving Costs study found the annual cost of driving for average sedans stands at $8,558, or 57 cents/mile.  The quickly decreasing gas prices have made up for factors that have increased driving expenses, including maintenance and insurance.  For specific vehicle types, here are some price points according to MoneyTalksNews: $6,579/year for small sedans $8,604/year for medium sedans $10,492/year for large sedans $10,255/year for SUVs $9,262/year…

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