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With ‘Pokémon Go,’ If You Gotta Catch ‘em All, Consider The Price

Posted in Advice for Life
August 4th 2016 by

Pokémon was the hottest game in the 90’s. In Pokemon, players capture monsters, train them, and pit them against opponent’s monsters. Pokemon’s popularity was due to its simplicity and social aspect- a player could link two handheld consoles together and battle his friends. All subsequent Nintendo consoles had the same basic premise and popularity but none held the appeal of the original. Why would people purchase dedicated gaming consoles when their phone provides endless entertainment? Finally, Pokémon joined the smartphone age with a free app called “Pokémon Go.” Available for iOS and Android devices, Pokémon Go requires GPS functionality and…

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The Numbers Behind U.S. Jobs

Posted in Jobs
June 28th 2016 by

There are some jobs flourishing better than others in today’s ever-changing economy.  It’s great for waiters, bartenders and nurses, but what about everyone else? It seems that the economy continues to produce more jobs in large numbers each month and long-term unemployment numbers appear to be decreasing.  However, things still don’t feel like they are that good. Where Job Growth is Happening The economy has produced 12.4 million jobs since March 2011 in many areas: 2.2 million in leisure and hospitality 1.8 million in accommodation and food services 2.6 million in education and health services 2.1 million in health care and social…

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The Cost of Driving

Posted in Buying a Car
June 16th 2016 by

With the official start of summer coming up, AAA recently reported the cost of driving has hit a six-year low due to falling gas prices.  However, you may be paying more by summer. 2016 Driving Costs The 2016 Your Driving Costs study found the annual cost of driving for average sedans stands at $8,558, or 57 cents/mile.  The quickly decreasing gas prices have made up for factors that have increased driving expenses, including maintenance and insurance.  For specific vehicle types, here are some price points according to MoneyTalksNews: $6,579/year for small sedans $8,604/year for medium sedans $10,492/year for large sedans $10,255/year for SUVs $9,262/year…

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Watch Out for Scams in Wake of Prince’s Death

Posted in Security
May 4th 2016 by

In the wake of Prince’s death, scammers are trying to lure the unsuspecting public into scams to profit on the celebrity’s death.  If you are not aware of their tactics, you can easily become their next victim. What’s Happening? Quickly after Prince’s death, scammers began developing phishing emails and social media posts claiming to give people access to Prince’s last words on video.  These emails, posts,  and even text messages, were built to contain dangerous links and attachments that are similar to what was seen shortly after the death of Robin Williams. While there are a variety of different ways in which people can fall…

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A Strong Middle Class Depends On Strong Credit Unions

January 19th 2016 by

54% of Americans say credit unions are the best place for middle class people to deposit their money. They know that credit unions like ours keep our economy strong and provide a smart financial choice for consumers. As we enter the 2016 Election, we want to make sure every Republican and Democratic candidate for President knows that too. Unlike big banks who answer to Wall Street and return profits to their investors, credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives owned and operated by our members. What makes us different? We return savings to the middle class families we serve through higher interest…

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