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Is 0% APR Too Good To Be True?

Posted in Borrowing Money
November 10th 2016 by
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Promotions that boast 0% APR or 0% financing get a lot of attention. No one likes the idea of paying interest. So when you see a loan promotion (usually for autos) with that promise, you can’t help but wonder if it’s too good to be true. Bottom line: it is possible to have a loan with 0% APR. However, there is some fine print you need to look out for. What’s the length of the loan? Loans with 0% APR tend to be for shorter terms, which means higher monthly payments. You’ll need to make sure you can fit those…

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Bring Back The Brown Bag: Saving Money On Lunch The Old-Fashioned Way

October 4th 2016 by
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Move over, breakfast! Lunch is the new king: Recent studies show that employees who take a lunch break are more likely to be productive in the afternoon and avoid long-term burnout. But lunch’s sudden popularity has negative effects, specifically the enormous amounts Americans spend each week on dining out for lunch. Looking for an alternative to sushi five times a week? The best answer is the simplest: brown-bag it. Studies show that eating out for lunch can cost between $1,500 and $2,500 per year. However, with some planning, you can spend as little as $5 per brown-bag lunch. Five meals…

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Analyzing Your Money Habits To Escape Debt

September 22nd 2016 by
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Upon analyzing your debt and coming up with a plan to decrease it, you’ll probably find that some of your money habits are costing you. Here are a few money habits that hurt more than help you and alternatives to those habits. Carrying Credit Card Balances Carrying a credit card balance is most likely one of the biggest culprits costing you money. Having a high interest on debt that you only make monthly payments on can cost you thousands of dollars in interest along with taking a very long time to pay off. Instead, use every bit of extra money that you can…

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5 Common Financial Mistakes

September 15th 2016 by
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Somewhere along the line, we all have made poor decisions with our finances.  Whether they’re big or little mistakes, they can be frustrating and take some time to bounce back from. You may not even be aware you’re making a mistake until it’s actually impacting you, so here’s a list of common ones to look out for. 1. Trying to Live Someone Else’s Life It seems that everyone is in competition with each other, so it’s no surprise that mistakes often begin when trying to keep up with friends or family.  Wealth and status matter to many, but trying to match lifestyle…

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7 Financial Goals to Reach by Age 30

Posted in Young Adults
September 13th 2016 by
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Your 20s are often thought as a time to enjoy life and take many adventures. While this is true (and really, you should enjoy life at every age!), it’s also important you start building a foundation for financial wellness. A US News report found that 57% of millennials aren’t even saving yet – a stat that needs to change. The American Consumer Council recently partnered with Kim Curtis to discuss financial goals young adults should reach by the age of 30. Here is the video: In the video, these 7 goals came up: 1. Establish Financial Independence Young adults should…

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