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Are You Being Tricked into Paying More?

August 31st 2016 by
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Many times when you’ve spent more than you planned to it’s thanks to sneaky tactics used by many companies.  Your probably don’t even realize it’s happening until it’s too late.  Learn what tricks companies use to get as much money out of your pocket as possible. Free Shipping More and more people are taking advantage of online shopping, especially when free shipping is thrown in.  However, these offers usually come with a price tag. Typically, you have to spend a certain amount of money in order to get free shipping.  Many end up spending more money trying to get free shipping…

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Keep Your Moving Costs Low

August 25th 2016 by
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If you are moving long distance, movers will charge based on how much items weigh and the distance you are moving.  The more you’re moving, the more you’ll pay. Professional movers can make things easier and more convenient, but moving yourself can be a lot cheaper.  However, both ways bring their hassles. Here are some ways you can save some money and reduce your headaches as you make it to your new location. Start Purging It is best to begin getting rid of some of your belongings well before it is time to move.  See what books and clothes you…

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Are You Prepared for a Financial Hardship?

July 21st 2016 by
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If today you ran into a financial hardship, what would you do? According to a survey from the Federal Reserve Board, around 25% of households dealt with a financial crisis in the last year, with the top hardship experiences being: Job loss (37%) Health emergency (37%) Work hours/pay cuts (29%) No matter what income bracket a person falls into, people in each category have difficulty maintaining a financial safety cushion. Survey Findings The Federal Reserve Board conducted a “financial fragility” test in which people were asked how they would manage a small disruption in which they would need $400.  Here are the…

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Learning How to Stick to a Budget

July 13th 2016 by
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If you find it difficult to stick to your budget, you might have created one that’s too strict for your lifestyle. That doesn’t mean a budget can’t work for you, though. There are a few things you can do create one that is easier to follow. Define a Goal The first step to getting your budget in order is to create a goal by asking yourself what you want out of life in the short and long term.  For many people, it is first about damage control to get debt out of the way from consumer or student loans.  For…

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How Students Can Get Discounts And Savings Just By Being a Student

June 15th 2016 by
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There’s no doubting it; college is expensive. For most students, the cost is worthwhile because of the earnings potential that exists on the other side, but what about the here and now? Did you know being a college student could get you all kinds of discounts? Here are three excellent places to save with your college ID. 1.) Save big on Amazon Prime Amazon offers a specialized Amazon Prime discount that’s just for college students. For those unfamiliar, Amazon Prime is a membership program that offers free shipping on most products sold on Amazon. Just by providing them with a…

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