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Avoid Budget Shipwreck when Taking Your Cruise

June 2nd 2016 by
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Are you one of the over 2 million people expected to take a cruise this year?  If so, know what you’re about to dive into before booking. You’ll be thrown a lot of prices, fees, special offers, etc. that you want to be familiar with. Listed Price Not the End Price When booking your getaway, don’t expect to pay the price listed in the brochure.  Cruise prices will end up more expensive due to taxes, fees and port expenses that are not factored into the brochure price.  There are also many deals and different incentives that depend on the availability of…

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Looking To Save Money?

May 5th 2016 by
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If you are looking for a way to cut your spending, consider a few simple changes that can help you get there. By changing the way you carry your money or cards and the way you view your finances, you can quickly cut back on the amount of money you spend. Think Before You Buy When making a purchase, consider all of the costs: the actual cost, the cost of time and cost of searching. Making any purchase isn’t all about the money. Take into account the time you’re spending to make that purchase and what better things you could be doing with…

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Earn Money, Lose The Pounds

March 21st 2016 by
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Over the years, there have been a good number of fitness crazes that have pushed people toward the gym.  The latest and very popular weight loss and fitness tool is the Fitbit, with a tracker to count your steps, track your exercise and more.  Not only does it promote your physical well-being, it can also help your financial wellness as well. The wireless activity tracker that you can wear like a watch and tracks the number of steps you take is surrounded by many stories of success.  The Fitbit and other activity trackers can help you gain gift points or cash through some stores and programs.  You can get rewarded for the healthy choices you make through Walgreens Balance Rewards where you can get 20 points per mile with your activity tracker by walking, running or biking.  Getting 5,000 points will get you your first $5 reward which can be…

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