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Feeling Stuck In Your Car Loan? Might Be Time To Shop Around!

April 6th 2017 by
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Bills are a lot like bad weather. They’re going to come anyway, so you might as well not try to fix them, right? For some bills, that’s the case. For others, though, you can make a big difference in your monthly budget with a little legwork. One of the bills you can change is your car payment. Refinancing your auto loan can lead to a lower monthly payment, a shorter term, or both! It depends on a wide range of factors, including the value of your vehicle, how much you owe on your current loan, and your credit standing. If…

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Why Automatic Savings Plans Work

March 21st 2017 by
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According to a Gallup poll, nearly two thirds of Americans prefer saving to spending. The gap between spenders and savers has been getting wider since the 2008 economic collapse, and now it’s at an all-time high. But Americans aren’t good at saving. US News reported that 70% have less than $1,000 saved. So what’s the trick to get into that 30%? Making savings an automatic process rather than a manual one. You can ask your employer to divide up where your paycheck goes. The majority would go to the checking account you use to pay bills, but a percentage can…

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Is Unlimited Data Worth It?

March 16th 2017 by
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Q: I’m shopping for a new phone plan for my family. Is an unlimited data plan a good option? A: On paper, unlimited data seems like a great deal. You can use your smartphone as much as you want and you’ll never be charged for overages. Something about the word “unlimited” makes the plan seem more valuable. You’ll never have to worry about exceeding your data caps again. However, cellphone companies are starting to take advantage of the power of that word. T-Mobile led the charge with a $70 per month (plus taxes and fees) unlimited data plan. AT&T and…

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Is Your Savings Account Actually Helping You?

March 1st 2017 by
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Savings accounts are one of those things you can easily forget you have. Sure, you might deposit some birthday money in there once a year, or maybe even some of your tax refund, but for the most part it just sits there. It’s also easy to get caught up in other savings vessels: your 401(k), IRAs, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), etc. While these are all important components of your overall financial plan, that doesn’t mean your savings account should collect dust. Easily Accessible Funds when You Need Them When you’re looking to save, you’re typically looking to invest your money…

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Best Times to Buy 2017

February 14th 2017 by
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When you’re mulling over a major purchase, the right price can often tip the scales. If you’re patient, willing to research and time your buys just right, you can save quite a bit of green. Here are the best things to buy during each month of the year! February: Prepare for winter Now’s a great time to take stock of your existing cold weather gear. If you’ve got a coat that’s seen its final winter, now’s a great time to replace it. Retailers are looking to clear out the last of the season’s merchandise to make room for spring clothes,…

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