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What Lies Do You Tell Yourself About Your Finances?

September 6th 2016 by
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In order to ensure that you will have a healthy financial future, be honest with yourself about your finances.  Many people who end up having financial hardships are in those situations because they were not honest about their finances.  There are some common lies that people tell themselves that lead them down the wrong financial track. “I Have More Good Debt than Bad” Many people believe in separating debt into good debt and bad debt.  Good debt is typically considered student loans, mortgages, or car loans, where bad debt is usually from credit cards with high interest rates.  Even though some debt…

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4 Ways to Add to Your Savings

August 24th 2016 by
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We are always looking for ways to make our savings grow.  However, this can be difficult if you do not know how to build your money.  See what steps you can take in order to maximize what you save. Open a Separate Account Having a separate account for savings is a way to effectively store your money and limiting your access to it. You can even set up direct deposit to automatically deposit some of your paycheck into that account.  If you are able to pay all of your bills on your current income, transfer any additional money into savings.  Regardless of…

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Uncertainty a Growing Theme for Retirement

Posted in Retirement
August 18th 2016 by
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Saving for retirement can be stressful and frustrating for many people.  Growing concerns over the sustainability of programs like Social Security create worry, but many struggle to save on their own. It’s also a concern that affects people of all walks of life. Current Retirees vs. Upcoming Based on retirement savings, 73% of wealthy retirees reported being confident that they saved enough to last them throughout their retirement.  However, only 57% of wealthy people who are not retired think they will have enough money saved.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that while 59% of wealthy retirees reported not feeling stressed about retirement…

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Developing a Plan to Lead You to Wealth

August 11th 2016 by
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If you are looking to improve your personal financial situation in order to achieve a goal, there are a few ways to do so.  Although many of us believe that becoming wealthy is unattainable, it can  happen over time with perseverance. 1. Set a Goal As with anything you set out to accomplish, you need to set a goal instead of just saying you want to do something.  You need to plan out how you will get from where you are now to where you want to be: Educate yourself on that field/subject Determine how much/ if any money it will take to…

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Looking to Avoid Annoying Hotel Fees?

July 28th 2016 by
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If you are shopping around for hotels for your vacation this year, watch out for obnoxious fees that are often hidden in the fine print. Hotels have become experts at being able to hide fees, usually only revealing them in fine print on a website, in the final stages of the transaction, or upon checking out at the end of your stay.  These fees are multiplying and include things such as: Early check in fees Early check out fees Cancellation fees Fees for using the room sage Fees to hold baggage behind the front desk Automatic tips for staff In…

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