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Don’t Let the Car Dealership Trap You

Posted in Buying a Car
July 12th 2016 by

If you’re purchasing a new car, be prepared for aggressive, expensive tactics used by auto dealerships.  Equip yourself with some useful tips and keep your money in your pocket. Caution with Interactions You need to keep your guard up at all times.  Every person you deal with is looking to profit off of you, even if they say they do not receive a commission off of your purchase.  Be especially cautious of the finance office, which may even be designed to make you relax and feel more comfortable. Know Your Credit Score Knowing your credit score is a good general rule of thumb,…

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How Can Your Apple Watch Save You Money?

June 29th 2016 by
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If you have invested in an Apple Watch, or are considering purchasing one, you probably know it has a lot to offer.  See how your gadget can pay for itself with the everyday features that can save you money. Health and Fitness No need to get specialized fitness devices: one of the most popular features of this watch is the fitness tracker.  With other devices being bulky or so small that they’re forgotten, the Apple Watch is convenient and there is no need to worry about switching it to different modes for different activities.  It records your steps and movements and can…

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Boating On A Budget: Staying Afloat Without Drowning In Debt!

June 22nd 2016 by
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With summer officially here, many are eager to get out on the water more. Some boat-owners like to joke that “boat” is an acronym for “bring on another thousand.” This can be an expensive hobby, but also a rewarding one. Let’s look at a few ways to save money while keeping your dream boat from becoming a nightmare. 1.) Avoid stuff labeled ‘marine’ Retailers know people who own boats tend to have a little more disposable income and expect to spend a lot for maintaining their watercrafts. This leads them to inflate prices on boating rope or boat window cleaner.…

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Extending The Life Of Your Produce

June 14th 2016 by
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If you find that you are making numerous trips to the grocery store to replenish your supply of perishables items, there are a few ways to make sure your groceries last a little longer. Do a Thorough Inspection Examine your produce before storing to see whether or not items are bruised, overripe or about to spoil. By tossing these items, the ethylene gas they release won’t spoil other produce items. Tips for Certain Items An easy and fast way to preserve bananas is to shrink-wrap the crown which will reduce the release of ethylene gas. For tomatoes that don’t have stems, place…

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What Is Your Payday Behavior?

May 26th 2016 by
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Researchers have discovered an interesting payday behavior: even though people set budgets, those budgets don’t stick when people receive their paycheck. Maybe you’ve noticed lines are longer on Friday? It’s not a heightened interest that’s drawing the crowd. When people feel like they have money, the budgets they adhere to on a regular basis don’t apply. Rich or Poor, This Behavior Doesn’t Discriminate When it comes to payday, everyone, no matter their income, tends to spend more money on things like clothes, entertainment, fast food and coffee when they have that “extra” cash. Studies on electronic payments revealed more than 50% of the population increases its…

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