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Wells Fargo Scandal: Have You Checked Your Credit Report Lately?

October 11th 2016 by
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Keeping an eye on your credit report allows you to monitor any errors that come up. At Aspire, we offer free credit report reviews and try to help you understand what’s happening with your accounts, but it also helps for you to look at your report once a year at annualcreditreport.com (you get one free look every year). Why is it so important? Even companies you think you can trust, like Wells Fargo, can be corrupt. Wells Fargo Employees Opened Millions of Unauthorized Bank Accounts Since 2011, Wells Fargo employees have been opening deposit and credit card accounts without notifying…

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Keep Mobile Banking Secure

February 26th 2016 by
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In the ever evolving world of mobile devices, mobile banking is becoming more widely used. As a result, everyone who uses mobile banking is putting themselves more at risk for having information stolen; however, there are ways to prevent becoming a victim. A high number of people who use smartphones are also using mobile banking due to its ease and convenience. Just like banking on a computer, this puts consumers at risk to having personal information stolen along with their money. However, an article posted to foxbusiness.com explains that mobile banking is more secure than banking from a computer because…

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Keep Your Passwords Protected

Posted in Security/Scams
January 23rd 2016 by
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Password concerns are growing as hackers develop more advanced ways of accessing people’s various accounts. Passwords that are not secure put you at risk of becoming a victim of identity theft and you can also lose access to your accounts. Creating not only lengthy, but also secure passwords can help reduce the chance of your accounts being hacked. In an attempt to create more secure passwords, many people are making passwords longer, but these passwords are often too simple. Also, basic passwords such as “123456” and “password” are high on the list of the worst passwords presented by SplashData. SplashData…

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