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Roundup: 6 Incredibly Helpful Personal Finance Articles

May 25th 2017 by

The Internet is home to tons of articles on how to manage your finances. We’ve made the work of finding the good ones a little easier for you by putting together a list of some of our favorites. “It’s Your Own Fault You’re Poor: Why Your Brain Won’t Let You Save Money” This article from GoBankingRates dives into how our subconscious behaviors sabotage our saving goals. Savings are often associated with the “pain” trigger, so you should try to get creative and find ways to feel rewarded for saving. Go to Article >> “Birthday Freebies: How to Get Free Stuff…

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Mother’s Day On A Budget

May 9th 2017 by
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Along with the blossoming flowers, the blazing sunshine and the tinkling bell of the ice cream truck come ideas and plans for celebrating Mother’s Day. Our moms are always there for us, as a sounding board, a virtual treasure trove of advice and to dote on us when we need a little pampering. Mother’s Day, then, is when we show them how much we appreciate all they do for us throughout the year. However, between purchasing the perfect gift, buying mom flowers and dining out, Mother’s Day costs can quickly add up to a small fortune. How do you keep…

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Buying A Home In Today’s Economy

Posted in Home Ownership
April 27th 2017 by
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Whether you’re a regular news junkie or you rely on your better half to keep you updated on the latest, you’ll get the same conflicting messages about the state of today’s economy. One day you’ll hear about rising wages, and the next day you’ll read about the lagging growth in the GDP, or Gross Domestic Product. The only thing certain about today’s economy is that it is uncertain. While things look relatively stable now, no one can guarantee what the next few years will bring. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up on the home of your dreams because of…

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Decoding Home Listings

Posted in Home Ownership
April 20th 2017 by
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If you’re looking for a house, you’re probably figuring out which ones you want to see in-person based on online ads. And if you’ve already been out looking, you’ve probably seen houses that didn’t quite match up to their description. Here’s how to spot the red flags in home listings, plus the positive touches you should look for. Language Can Be Deceptive Less-than-desirable properties often have clever adjectives describing them. They sound good, but it’s really a mask to hide an issue. Examples include: Cozy – This sounds comforting and quaint, but in real estate it usually means small. Especially…

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Your Personal RV Buying Guide

April 4th 2017 by
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Q: It’s vacation time again. This year, we’re thinking about doing something different and buying an RV, but RV lots seem so intimidating! What do we need to know to take some of the stress off? A: Yes, summer is coming, and for many that means the call of the open road. It might even be ringing loud and clear. Nothing is more American than a summertime road trip, but long hours in the car can really suck the fun out of any vacation. That’s the beauty of recreational vehicles. The road IS the destination; anywhere you go, you’ve got…

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