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Is Unlimited Data Worth It?

March 16th 2017 by
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Q: I’m shopping for a new phone plan for my family. Is an unlimited data plan a good option? A: On paper, unlimited data seems like a great deal. You can use your smartphone as much as you want and you’ll never be charged for overages. Something about the word “unlimited” makes the plan seem more valuable. You’ll never have to worry about exceeding your data caps again. However, cellphone companies are starting to take advantage of the power of that word. T-Mobile led the charge with a $70 per month (plus taxes and fees) unlimited data plan. AT&T and…

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Auto Loan Glossary: Know These Before You Go To the Dealership

Posted in Buying a Car
February 16th 2017 by
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Knowledge is power when it comes to car shopping. Read over these terms before you head to the lot: APR This is short for Annual Percentage Rate. It’s the percentage you have to pay each year for financing your vehicle. The APR you get for your loan depends on your individual creditworthiness. Balloon Payment A loan with a balloon payment will give you manageable monthly payments with one large payment, the balloon payment, at the end of the loan. Black Book This refers to information about a vehicle based on data from wholesale car auctions. Blue Book Blue Book is…

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Best Times to Buy 2017

February 14th 2017 by
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When you’re mulling over a major purchase, the right price can often tip the scales. If you’re patient, willing to research and time your buys just right, you can save quite a bit of green. Here are the best things to buy during each month of the year! February: Prepare for winter Now’s a great time to take stock of your existing cold weather gear. If you’ve got a coat that’s seen its final winter, now’s a great time to replace it. Retailers are looking to clear out the last of the season’s merchandise to make room for spring clothes,…

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Look Out for This New Amazon Scam

Posted in Security/Scams
December 13th 2016 by
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While Amazon remains a convenient online marketplace to find the things you want at low prices, it’s not without flaws. The latest scam involves using Amazon’s third-party selling feature to trick customers into paying for high-ticket items… which they never receive. The Scam Numerous victims have come forward about this scam, and their stories all follow a similar pattern. They find an expensive item they’ve been looking for at a good price on Amazon. The customer notices the item is through a third party seller (not directly through Amazon), and there are instructions to contact the seller before placing the order.…

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7 Tips for Shopping on Amazon

December 6th 2016 by
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Amazon has become the go-to global marketplace to find what you want at a good price. Amazon serves over 300 million customers, with about half of U.S. households holding a Prime membership. Don’t forget to stay savvy with this online e-commerce giant though – here are seven tips to help you out. Get a Refund for Television Price Drops If you buy a television through Amazon (and it’s sold through them), keep an eye on the price of the television over the next week. If you see the price drop, you can ask for a refund on the difference. Rumor…

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